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    Question to all ambulance owners.

    Hello all ambulance owners,on a M-880base or W-400 or so, Do you have problems with the flexing of the chassis? since the ambu body builder fixed the box to the cab, and the cowling to the top of the front windshield, one should think that if you go off road with it, cracks would appear in the...
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    Did the army change their desert paint?

    Hello, I'm wondering, did the army change their desert paint at a certain point? To me it seems that the hummers and other equipment that served in the desert storm operations were a bit more grayish sand than the latter type trucks that served in Afganistan, they seem a bit more yellowish to...
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    The best way to clean up these vinyl covers?

    Hello all, I'm redoing my M-101A2, and got a not too bad PVC coverin desert tan, beeing outside all the time, it got badly spotted weathering and algae mostly I think. does anybody know how to get this in a as pristine order as possible? this afternoon I tried some with black soap and some...
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    presentation board/display for our Dodge

    Hello, I like to prepare a presentation board/display for my W-200. next week we go to a fair and we'll have my W-200 on display. does anyone of you have some examples/suggestions? Pic's maybe? Thanks in advance!
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    picture of a M-101A2 trailer dataplate

    Hello, I'm renovating my M-101A2 trailer, and cannot get a correct new dataplate for it. now I'd like to get one made. but since my plate is too for gone, I'd like to ask if somebody here who has acces to this type of dataplates could get me a picture from one? I put i pic from mine in, just...
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    search new or NOS electric parts M-101

    Hello, I search new or NOS correct wiring for M-101A2 From connector to rear lights. And handbreakcables and a correct rear support. Who can help me? please pm me. thanks, Bart
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    Where to get parts for the M-101A2

    Hello all, I'm busy rebuilding my 1961 Parkhurst M101A2. and i don't know where to go for new handbreak cables, rear stabilizing leg, the complete electric wiring, and preferably one of those new adjustable landing feet (i hope that is the correct name for it?) today i contacted Jay from...
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    Who knows?

    Who knows if there are still '77 N.O.S. grilles out there? and if so, Where? Bart
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