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    CUCV won't start

    24 volt converted to 12 volt. Have had no issues, than bang batteries are dead. New alternators (both are 100 amp) alt belt is torqued to spec., GP's are good, fuel pump is good, both batteries tested good, and load test showed no issues. Starter was tested it was good. Ran a direct wire from...
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    M1009 CUCV Won't Start

    Replaced both alternators, both are 100 amps with built in voltage regulators, replaced both batteries (brand new),batteries are not recharging after driving. Dead as soon as it's shut off. Someone said it was the dashboard volt meter. Someone said it is a fuse. Can the voltage meter be...
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    No Brake Lights on M1009

    M1009 cucv 85k5 blazer, I have no brake lights, turn signals or hazard lights. I have drive lights, parking lights, tail lights, back up lights. Replaced all the fuses, relays, bulbs and brake light switch. What am I overlooking?
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    head lights, blinkers, and brake lights wont work... M998

    1985 m1009 cucv k5 blazer: The Fuses are good, relays are good, bulbs are good, brake light switch good. All replaced. I have headlights, high and low beams, back up lights, parking lights, and tail lights, but still have no brake lights or turn signals.What did I overlook
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    Replacement voltage suppressor passenger side

    Yep. Now where can I find one or buy one.
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    Replacement voltage suppressor passenger side

    Blue wire bottom right goes blue to red to alternator
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    Replacement voltage suppressor passenger side

    Not the sound suppressor,,,sound dampener,,I'm looking for the suppressor that absorbs the excess volts coming of the battery to the starter through the alternator, through the suppressor to the starter. The TM calls it a voltage suppressor.
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    Replacement voltage suppressor passenger side

    The capacitor on outside.
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    Replacement voltage suppressor passenger side

    Where do I find, a suppressor for the passenger alternator on a 24volt 1985 M1009 K5 blazer it is the suppressor that the extra battery charge goes into. The one on it was bad, and failed burning my wires. Replaced wires but can't find a replacement suppressor, it is not the noise suppressor. If...
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