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  1. Tinstar

    M149A1 Water Buffalo with A2 Tank.

    Recovered the water buffalo yesterday. The chassis plate shows it started life as an M149, then later updated to the A1 version. Still researching the differences. At some point, the A2 stainless steel tank was installed and that tag says 1987. Unknown if it’s a manufactured date or installed...
  2. Tinstar

    GovPlanet please add a Central warehouse Location

    So unless your close to Nevada, Pennsylvania or Georgia for the main supply of auction items, your simply out of luck. ......Unless you want to drive for hours and hours or pay very expensive shipping/transportation prices. I know that items are sometimes in other states, but the bulk is at...
  3. Tinstar

    50A Aircraft Battery Charger through NATO plug. M1008A1

    I was recently given a 24V aircraft battery charger. It’s an older one but in excellent condition. A switch can change it from just powering the aircraft to 50A battery charging mode. It is an automatic charging system and not just a straight charger. Is 50A too much for a stock NATO system...
  4. Tinstar

    How many miles do you drive your CUCV per year?

    It seems like, to me, I drive my M1008A1 a lot. In it everyday when I’m not flying. Ranch work, errands, occasionally driving to work, etc. But I’m only averaging just over 5300 miles per year. Have had truck just over 3 years now. Truck is great and wife and I take it for an occasional...
  5. Tinstar

    S-280 Shelter. How do I get Cellular/Radio Reception Inside?

    Have S-280 Shelter and cannot receive either cellular or radio signals once inside and door closed. There are several devices available commercially that are advertised to bring the signals inside, but have read most are so so at best. A friend spent over $500 on one model and he said it...
  6. Tinstar

    Storms-Power Outages-NF2D Light Tower.

    Had storms roll through last night. Nasty gust front with winds up to 90mph Overturned Semis on Interstate, trees down, power lines down etc. Fired up the Unicor NF2D Light tower. The Kubota engine and Kohler 7k Generator performed flawlessly. Fairly quiet too. Ran like a champ in the...
  7. Tinstar

    Photo of CUCV makes National News

    Looks like this M1009 CUCV is still being actively used.
  8. Tinstar

    M332 Ammo trailer front tool box

    Post your needs in the parts wanted forum. More eyes on it and it’s the correct forum anyway.
  9. Tinstar

    Nothing Lasts Forever——Doghead Starter Relay

    Last October I replaced my ignition switch after some troubleshooting. That switch is so fun to change. I first thought it was the DH relay. It was not. Yesterday I was doing coyote patrol on the ranch and had stopped and started engine several times with long breaks in between. No big deal...
  10. Tinstar

    Did the supply of M101A2s and 3s dry up??

    I haven’t seen any at auction for quite some time now. Wanting another one and none to be found at auction. I know there are plenty for sale from individuals, but I prefer mine straight from Military. GP was selling them weekly and then they slowed to a trickle and now nothing. Anyone seen...
  11. Tinstar

    CUCV Drink Holder Ideas?

    I would like to see some ideas and solutions you guys have come up with to hold a drink without spilling. This is for a M1008A1 I know I could do a center console with cup holders and sit it on the seat, but don’t want to lose that space. Either store bought or hand made or something cool...
  12. Tinstar

    What exactly was done with this MSE modification? M101A2

    1992 UTB M101A2 Box on a M116A2 Frame. Searched SS with no luck. What exactly is done with a MSE Modification? Part number came up empty. Contract number dealt with generators, etc. but no M101A2’s. Internet was dry also unless I totally missed it. Closest I could find is Mobil Subscriber...
  13. Tinstar

    Is this worth getting?! Junkyard Find

    Was wondering through the local AZ junkyard in the town my In-Laws live in. Think it’s a Dana 70 on 85 Chevy K30. Dana 60 up front. Rest of truck is partly picked over. Is this worth gettkng? I would have to rent a uhaul trailer since we are in our GMC conversion van and tow it back. Looks...
  14. Tinstar

    Blower Motor acting weird and now truck will not crank. M1008A1

    A few days ago I had the blower motor on Hi and all was normal for a few minutes and then the blower motor quit and the GEN1 light came on. Drove home and parked truck. Next day, same thing, but this time I left the switch on Hi and after a few seconds, the fan came back on and GEN1 light went...
  15. Tinstar

    Buying New Injectors. Delphi or Bosch?

    I know its been covered here before, but now that some time and miles have gone by since Installed on different members trucks, would like their thoughts. Bosch is the OEM injector. Delphi is a high quality OEM alternative. Problems with either one? The price difference is about $100...
  16. Tinstar

    Eastern Surplus in Philadelphia, PA to OKC, OK

    Anyone that travels that route and can add 4 small forklift tires to the load? Longshot I know but I-40 goes right through OKC Thanks
  17. Tinstar

    Red River Army Depot

    Picked up a NF-2D at RRAD on Tuesday. Amazing place. My first time on the ground there. It is of course a closed base. Meaning you have to have a reason to be there or you don't get on, Military ID or not, unless your assigned. More to it than that, but gives you the idea. Something...
  18. Tinstar

    Unicor NF-2D Floodlight Set, Kohler 7KW Generator/Kubota Engine, Model 7CC061

    Finally was successful in finding some information on this unit. It's not a TM and not even the TO that's listed on the NF-2D unit, but this will cover the engine and generator.
  19. Tinstar

    Installed new Copper/Brass Radiator in M1008A1

    Thought I would start a new thread on this since a lot of guys are always looking for a good replacement copper/brass radiator. Old one went out a while ago and wasn't able to be fixed Ordered this new one and it arrived today at the radiator shop I use. Large 3 core and EXACTLY like the old...
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