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    RF-5033 / 5833 amp success!

    We had a very productive day here in California yesterday. We were able to get all three of our RF-5033 amps up and running and repaired one of the PRC-138s. Only one of the amps would actually transmit, the other two would generate an A30-F01 error code and do nothing even though everything we...
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    MVCC cancelling the September Camp Plymouth Meet

    With regrets the MVCC is announcing the cancellation of the September Camp Plymouth meet. At our board meeting held at Eagle Field the board voted to wait until the second week of July before making the decision whether to proceed or cancel the September Camp Plymouth Meet but with the recent...
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    Military BNC connectors

    In my HMMWV I've been running an antenna coax with a BNC connector that fits well into the recessed connectors on todays current radios. The connector on the left is what I'm looking for compared to a standard BNC connector on the right. The longer rotating barrel makes this style much easier...
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    HMMWV radio footswitch

    The HMMWV is notoriously loud inside and even with the LS-671 speaker you can barely understand what's being said. It works better as an annunciator to let you know someone is calling you. Recently I switched to a really comfortable General Dynamics single earpiece headset I bought off of Ebay...
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    Shakespeare SF-3512 base problems

    I'm now working on my 4th SF-3512 antenna base on my M996A1 HMMWV ambulance. The coax between the base N connector and the BMA connector to the mast keeps opening up. I've spoken to Shakespeare about this and they were more than willing to work with me on the problem. Great people! I think...
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    New LED backup light

    I've been disappointed with the light output from the stock backup lights on my 996 for a while and decided to do something about it. I found some heavy cast aluminum LED lights on Ebay that were selling for $7.00! A price that was pretty hard to turn down for a 24v LED. I mounted it on a 2 x...
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    WTB Ambulance body access door

    I'm trying to find someone scrapping out either an M996 or M997 ambulance that would be willing to cut out the small access door on the lower left panel. Is anyone aware of one? Thank you.
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    Installing 12 volt accessories into 24 volt systems

    Installing 12v radios into 24v system is filled with hazards. People who connect their radios across the high side battery wonder why they smoke when they hook up the antennas. Here's the key. In a HMMWV or any 24 volt system you have 2, 12v batteries connected in series to give you 24 volts...
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    TH400 PARK update

    PARK YOUR HMMWV ADDENDUM 2020 Back in the olden days (2001) I wrote the article on adding park to the HMMWV TH400 transmission in the HMMWV and I’ve seen it republished several times since then. I was recently working with Glen on adding park to his M998 and realized that there were some...
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    Help with markings

    I received this picture from a friend who's trying to identify the bumperette markings. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Felsted shifters

    Somewhere online recently I saw the manual for the HMMWV shifter and thought I'd downloaded it. Now I can't find it and wondered if anyone else has seen it. It was a full breakdown of the shifter assembly only. TIA!
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    Backup camera and radio rack stuff

    One of the first things I did when I got my truck was to install a backup camera because of the poor rearward visibility. I originally mounted the camera in the ambulance body but everyone wants to touch it so I relocated it down on the "D" Beam where it's out of sight. The image I get is...
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    M998 spring length

    Does anyone know offhand the freestanding length of a standard M998 front spring?
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    Harris modified H-250 handsets

    Does anyone on the forum know what Harris does to the H-250 to make it into their "modified" version? Is it merely removing the metal components around the PTT switch to reduce the chance of shock?
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    Kysor fan clutch rebuilding video on You Tube
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    PRC-25 alignment manual

    I'm looking for a copy of TM 11-5820-398-35 for the PRC-25 that has the alignment for the A9 VFO module that DOES NOT tell you to press S2 and S3 during the alignment. These switches were removed from the radios early on in their production but were never removed from the alignment instructions...
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    Turn signal switch guard?

    Not necessarily electrical in nature but concerning the turn signal switch itself. I do a bunch of events every year that involve interfacing with the public like "Touch-a-Truck", Veterans Day, and other veteran support activities that have us opening up the trucks to the public to enjoy and...
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    PRC-138 into a Sincgars MT-6576 mount

    I have been running an RT-1439 in my M996A1 ambulance for years now and recently decided to update to a PRC-138. I didn't want to outright replace the 1439 and and didn't want to add another mount because of space considerations and reasoned I could come up with a way to mount the 138 into the...
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    MVCC Camp Plymouth September reservations

    We're at the 3 week mark for reservations and we wanted to put up a reminder that all sites need reservations submitted on the MVCC registration form. This form was included in your last Newsletter or it can be downloaded from the MVCC website at: The form makes it much easier...
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