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  1. Retiredwarhorses

    Turbo motor A/C install

    In the case of this truck that was a turbo conversion, I use the OEM pancake compressor that goes on the OEM compressor bracket, I throw away the red dot condensor and use an M1151/2 under fender mounted condensor. So the evaporator is red dot.
  2. Retiredwarhorses

    Non-op compressor

    Anyone done any TS on non-op compressor? I get voltage at the fuse block, nothing at compressor connector
  3. Retiredwarhorses

    GP off road titles

    Who is GP using now "state" for the off-road titles? I know Florida is out, and it was Montana....
  4. Retiredwarhorses

    Help me, help you...poll on After market AC unit

    Folks i am trying to work with a few companies on mfg of an after market AC Unit to fit into where your exsisting heater core and blower resides. The issue that keeps arising is the vendors asking, just how many are we talking about? just what sort of interest is there? there are companies that...
  5. Retiredwarhorses

    No shortage of rolling stock

    I decided to google maps Yermo California....go ahead and take a look at that! impressive. One lot appears to have hundreds of shrink wrapped HMMWV's ? another lot appears to have a whole bunch of M triple 9's "howitzers"...
  6. Retiredwarhorses

    Kinda bummed... Sold M932A2

    Sold the M932A2 today...just cleaning house. Now, I thought my truck was bada**, this setup looks awesome going down the road. the new owner flat towed it home 5hrs away.
  7. Retiredwarhorses

    AM General gets large contract

    Makes me wonder if we are paying for this and not the Afghan Govt.
  8. Retiredwarhorses

    Pulse Tech Distribution Box

    While at the tower park MVCC meet last week, I talked with a vendor and we had gotten on subject of the Pulse tech units...He told me that GL has recalled all the units won by bidders at the request of the manufacturer due to fire issues. Not sure if any other vendors or members can verify...
  9. Retiredwarhorses

    WS wiper park issues

    Anyone have issues with the windsheild wipers not resetting to the rest position when turned off? My positions seem to work, intermittent, slow, fast, but when turned to off, rests in almost the upright position.
  10. Retiredwarhorses

    All dressed up and ready for the show

    Full body paint and Camo job...all CARC. Turned out nice... tower park is next week here in the west.
  11. Retiredwarhorses

    Install of,Haldex dryer

    Got it done...hardest part was getting the mag drill out and drilling 3 holes. Also, toss the two 1.50in bolts...they need to be 1in or 1 1/4, probably made for the universal mount. I used the template. At first on air up everything whet fine, but when I pressed on the brake pedal I had nothing...
  12. Retiredwarhorses

    Reset program

    While this is somewhat has some very good insight and info on the reset program for all services. As well as production numbers for contracts....they throw millions around like its confetti.
  13. Retiredwarhorses

    body rebuild

    This body was a wreck....but after about 1000 rivets, 6 tubes of body panal adhesive and a ton of labor...she is back together. while it was cheaper to just source another body, this was for a customer who is building it as a tribute to his fallen comrades he served with....just needs final paint.
  14. Retiredwarhorses


    I had this rear cargo top...don't see them much, if ever at any I thought I would give it a try.
  15. Retiredwarhorses

    932A2 air pressure issues....or Did anyway

    So I was doing my weekly PMCS and run on the M932a2. Started to build air and heard the normal moans and groans of air building and CTIS inflating in hwy mode...after about 15mins I noticed it was not done....I heard air expelling form the bottom of the dryer and the air pressure was stuck at 90...
  16. Retiredwarhorses

    Getting close to finished

    Got the final paint done on this truck..turbo charged, 4L80E, full factory AC front and rear.
  17. Retiredwarhorses

    Finally scored a top

    Scored an NOS top kit for the 1078...she looks perty
  18. Retiredwarhorses

    M1083 Bow kit

    Can the M1083 cargo bow kit be made to fit the M1078?
  19. Retiredwarhorses

    CTIS overspeed

    Still getting CTIS overspeed lamp all speeds above 30mph. repalced the speed sensor...speedo is acting weird too, I think it's more accurate now, is is possible the CTIS controller is bad?
  20. Retiredwarhorses

    Release tool and plugs

    I'm trying to find repalcement release tools and plastic caps for my m1078, they are missing, napa has some but not in stock, anyone know which,ones or where to get correct replacements?
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