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  1. NDT

    Picked up a sand blaster

    OK, one more postscript to this thread, I noticed you had the compressor in the shed, well after painting mine, I thought it was a good idea to keep it in the shed, too. Just run the hose outside and blast whenever . . . Well I didn't think that one through. My rig has the Bullard 88 hood...
  2. NDT

    Picked up a sand blaster

    The most important aspect of setting up the rig is how do you get the sacks of media in the pot. If the pot is on top of a M200 and the media is on the ground, you got a backbreaking problem. I have the pot on the ground and use the forklift to carry the pallet of media right to the edge of...
  3. NDT

    Picked up a sand blaster

    I have the same rig, and it works great, but is a bit slow cutting through 8 layers of CARC. I'm about to go use it right now. No, not on an army truck. You will see that as soon as you have a blaster set up, EVERYONE will bring over lawn furniture, trailers, etc for you to blast "when you...
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