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  1. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    New member from Colorado

    Yup! That would be the DATA PLATE. As you figured out, this truck pre-dates the assignment of Mxxx numbering for "off the shelf" utility vehicles. It was only when Uncle Sam began spec'ing non-standard, non-civilian configurations (such as 24v elelctrical systems) that the bidding began based...
  2. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    New member from Colorado

    Welcome Aboard :D Find a bunk, stow your gear, and prepare to get underway 👍 Congatz on the new acquisition! While you "say" it's not an MV, it really DOES fit this website. It is, by virtue of it's olive drab paint and US Army stencils, a "CU" or Civilian Utility military vehicle. If you...
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