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  1. Brutacus

    5 Ton lockers

    I didn't know they were using the term TrueTrac back then. It sounds like it's an old name of the division that was manufacturing the No-Spins. I've always heard Detroit locker, or No-spin locker. My M818 is an old USMC truck. It has the No-Spin lockers in the two rear differentials with the...
  2. Brutacus

    5 Ton lockers

    It sounds like Floridianson meant to say Detroit instead of TrueTrac. Although now I'm thinking about Detroit lockers in the rear, and a TrueTrac in the front... or TrueTracs all around? 5 ton TrueTracs would get a lot of people interested.
  3. Brutacus

    5 Ton lockers

    I have 2 lockers in my rear axles on my M818. My tires seem a little more worn than the front, but that's from my driving habits of not letting up in most corners. Also when the roads are wet, covered in ice, it feels like rear of my truck pushes the front of the truck. What I mean by this is it...
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