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    M925A2 Tachometer issues

    The tachometer on my truck was acting very erratic and has now stopped working entirely. Is the problem with the gauge or is it something else?
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    M931/932A2 Civilian Trailer Question

    I am considering purchasing an M932A2 truck. I want to upgrade the cutter for my tractor to a 15' flex-wing cutter but the cutter is way too long for my current M925A2 with M322 trailer set up. I need at least a 35' trailer to fit the tractor with loader and a 15' flex-wing. I could order a...
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    Mo' Power for an M923A2

    So.....theoretically would an Allison HT754CR bolt up to a Cummins ISL if one had the inclination to pull the 6CTA and MT654CR? Would they fit in these trucks? Just wondering.......
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    20,000 lb Winch Limits on an M925A2

    So......I found out the hard way that the 10 ton winch on the M925A2 will pull about 35,000 lbs but not 48,000 Yes, I know it says 20,000 lbs but I was impressed that it would pull 35,000 lbs. I got the M925A2 stuck ever so slightly when I back a loaded M322 trailer into a...
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    M939A2/MT-654CR Air to air cooler

    I was wondering if anyone has upgraded the transmission cooler on these trucks. What would you recommend? Cranking the power up this year and will be around a consistent 50,000 lbs plus. Any recommended parts, pics would be appreciated. I am trying not to fry the Allison. I kind of like it......
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    Thoughts on the A/C kit on an M923a2

    Anyone have experience with the A/C kit from TMG? I sleep the cab of my truck when in the field and I sweat my n*t's off because I have to keep the winders up due to mosquitoes . Thoughts?
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    MTVR's Up For Sale on Govplanet

    Hey all, Just got an email from Govplanet. MTVR's are coming up for sale on March 20th. 5 or 6 of them. I wanted to let anyone know if they were interested. On a side note what do people think of them. They were coming in on rail when I was leaving Camp Lejune for the last time so they...
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    M932A2 Big Fuel Filter Questions

    I had the stainless steel fuel lines and in line electric pump installed on my M925A2 from TMG and I noticed who installed it did not plumb it through the big fuel filter housing. It goes directly to the small filter to the side of the block. I am not having any problems but I am wondering if...
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    Noise coming from front axle under drivers seat

    Hey guys need some advice. I have had large amount of water in my airlines. The wet tank is spewing large amounts of water and I am draining it 4-8 times a day. I ordered the rebuilt kit for the air dryer. Air is pouring out of the bottom of it. I did push the valve back closed as best I can but...
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    M925A2 Dump Bed Hoist Opinions

    Hey, just wanted to get opinions on possibly getting a dump bed hoist installed on my M925A2s. I have two trucks, they are used primarily to pull my tractor around for commercial mowing. Part of the contract requirement is removing trash and debris from the properties. I do have a dump...
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    M322 Trailer Tire Recommendations to Lower Deck Height

    I just purchased a 2008 Terex M322 equipment trailer. The trailer is nice but I need to get my overall height lower. I pull a large tractor and as it sits, the top of the cab is at 12'11". I would really like to get closer to 12'6". What tire/wheel combo would you recommend to lower the deck...
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    M-1095 5 ton Cargo Trailer Questions

    I did a site search and didn't find much info on these. I have two M925A2's and I am wondering if these would be a good fit for the truck. I was also wondering if these can be converted into a dump trailer set up. I would also want to put 2 zero turn mowers on this. Could ramp brackets be...
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    Globe GTTU202-30-20 T/A Equipment Trailer

    Does anyone know the deck length of these trailers? I see them often on and want to know if they are long enough for my application. Thanks!
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    Oil leak on M925A2

    I have an oil leak that has developed after I had the oil changed. Am I missing a plug? Any help is appreciated!
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    High pitch "buzzer" sound coming from driver side middle hub from CTIS

    Hey guys, I have a 1991 M925A2 with "functional" CTIS. While driving it today I noticed a loud buzzing sound coming from the drivers side middle hub while the tires were inflating. I stopped and crawled under the truck. It was so loud that I actually had trouble finding it. It closely...
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    1600 miles in a M925A2 with my pregnant wife

    Just picked up and drove home my 1991 M925A2 from Salt Lake city Utah and drove home to Indianapolis. The eife is 23 weeks pregnant and insisted on going. Well, we made it. Took a while but we made it.
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