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  1. cobra5

    FREE M715 Parts truck

    Unfortunately your too far away. I have the rest of it to make a running truck.
  2. cobra5

    Rally's near NW Montana? OK within 500 miles?

    Dave this is a true statement and because they are treated as a piece of equipment they are cheap when the owner decides to part with it. Another reason that there isn't any interest around this area on the hobby side is because there isn't any exposure to it. Cities around the country had...
  3. cobra5

    Rally's near NW Montana? OK within 500 miles?

    There doesn't seem to be much interest in MV collecting out here. I drive my 151 on occasion and I don't get much of a reaction from folks. There is a group in Bozeman MT named the Montana Military Vehicle Club that went from an internet based club to an FB group. They are somewhat active but I...
  4. cobra5

    Foggy gauges

    Common problem because these gauges are sealed and over time the seal deteriorates and allows moisture in behind the glass. You can buy new gauges but they will eventually do the same thing.
  5. cobra5

    Late Model USAF M35A2C Registry

    Looks like we got sister trucks. I recovered mine out of Fairchild AFB 5/31/2012. M35A2C WOW 1040-11533 89K394 Mileage @ release 05187.8 Hours @ release 0248.7 06/89 Warranty
  6. cobra5

    plate questions for Montana MV residents

    Nope. If you have a deuce or larger it will be registered as a commercial vehicle due to weight. If you own a vehicle 11 years or older you can get permenant plates. My 151's are both permenant plated along with the rest of my civy vehicles but my deuce is considered commercial so it cant be...
  7. cobra5

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    I took mine to a car show. The deuce didn't win but the 151 took home best original for 1960-1980.
  8. cobra5

    MV of the Month June 2016

    Yes it does.
  9. cobra5

    MV of the Month June 2016

    I'll throw my Coleman tug in the mix. Don't see much specialized equipment postings. This is 1 of 30 modified for the specific task of pulling bomb trailers from the dump to the flight line.
  10. cobra5

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2016 - May VOTE HERE!

    I voted for 603hellmutt because I think his 5 ton is just as nice as the others and no one voted for it.
  11. cobra5

    G-40H Coleman Tug

    I replaced the window regulators in the driver and passenger doors. Who thought plastic pulleys and metal chain was a good idea. The manuals didn't have the part numbers but I found the manufactures mark on the regulators and although they don't make these obsolete parts, they put me in touch...
  12. cobra5

    G-40H Coleman Tug

    Well I won this last year from the GSA auction and thought I'd post some pictures and share some info I found out about it. This is 1 of 30 that the USAF modified specifically for use as a tug to tow bomb trailers. The modification has to do with the addition of an air system to accommodate for...
  13. cobra5

    Coleman Tug G40H Manuals

    It took me 6 months and $$ to find these.
  14. cobra5

    Electrical issues give me a headache....

    Sure sounds like you have a grounding issue. Have you swapped out your turn signal module?
  15. cobra5

    M43 stubborn oil leak. Any ideas will be appreciated

    This might help you find the answer you seek.
  16. cobra5

    Rear main seal

    If you has access to a copy machine put the housing on it and make a copy. Use the copy as a template and make a new gasket.
  17. cobra5

    Night Blind Mutt....

    Everything goes through the light switch and since some things work and others don't I'd say the switch is internally shorted.
  18. cobra5

    Frustrating Acceleration Problem

    When you say new, do you mean it was overhauled or was it NOS? If you put an NOS carb on it that maybe your problem. The accelerator pump in the carb might have dried out and have a hole in it or it shrunk from improper storage. Another thing to look at is the choke. It will give you starting...
  19. cobra5

    3 or 4 finger pressure plates

    I just replaced mine because I had to replace the rear main oil seal. My old one was a 4 finger and the one I put in was 3 finger. One word of advice is when you replace the throw out bearing also replace the bearing carrier. It adds a few bucks more to the job but everything will be new and clean.
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