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  1. dhaumann69166

    crankshaft rebuild kit info wanted

    Best place for complete motor rebuild kits is Northern Auto Parts. You can pick from a couple different kit options and upgrade stuff like cam and oil pump and timing parts if you want. All good name brand parts and gaskets.
  2. dhaumann69166

    LS Engine Swap, why?

    Some people love gas burners and some people love diesels but it seems like everyone has wanted a Humvee since they first saw one. They get this idea in their mind of a big, tough, bad ass that can conquer anything. Then they drive one and realize they are far from power houses. That’s when that...
  3. dhaumann69166

    Vinyl wrapping

    For the amount of prep required I would just go with paint or liquid roll on. If the vinyl only last five years before you have to replace it that seems like a lot of work when paint or Raptor Liner will last way longer and be stronger.
  4. dhaumann69166

    Vinyl wrapping

    If I was going to do a vinyl wrap I would start with a ton of surface prep to get the paint as smooth as possible and as clean as possible. Should be a pretty simple wrap considering most of a HMMWV is flat body panels just time consuming. What are you planning on doing for a wrap? Camp or...
  5. dhaumann69166

    Any Humvee shops / business on here?

    So drag racers, rock crawlers and mud racers are all wrong? Seems like the 700r4 hold up just fine for them and you can get parts for a 700r4 pretty much anyplace you can get parts for 4l80. To each their own but both tranny’s will work just fine.
  6. dhaumann69166

    How much power to get my 88 humvee moving.

    Just out of curiosity have you triple checked your tranny fluid? Sounds almost like it’s a touch low on fluid. Freshly rebuilt tranny’s sometimes take a little while to get all the air out of the torque converter, tranny cooler and lines. Most likely not your problem but definitely worth getting...
  7. dhaumann69166

    exploded parts view manual ?

    Where can you get a hard copy? I have looked all over the net and all I find is DVD’s and thumb drives with the manuals.
  8. dhaumann69166

    Shocks - Which ones? Mixed?

    I have been looking at replacing my shocks lately but I can only find stock 12k shocks and no 10k’s. If I go with the 12k is it going to ride really rough compared to the 10k? I have an aluminum hard top and aluminum hard doors but I wouldn’t think that is enough extra weight to need HD shocks...
  9. dhaumann69166

    Any Humvee shops / business on here?

    Have you thought about doing the 700r4 swap yourself to save some money? It’s not a terrible complicated project. If you do it yourself there are threads on here with details on what parts you will need and info on how to do the project. You can either have your 700r4 rebuilt with a 32 spline...
  10. dhaumann69166

    Not moving M998

    Mine did the same thing when I blew a cv joint.
  11. dhaumann69166

    Any Humvee shops / business on here?

    Pretty much any mechanics shop or transmission shop can do the swap for you.
  12. dhaumann69166

    Centering The Front Differential

    Has anyone centered the diff? What all has to be changed? I like the idea of all four half shafts being the same size so you only need one spare. I see there are kits for around $500 available but just curious if there are just brackets or if you have to change any motor related parts also.
  13. dhaumann69166

    Intake and exhaust

    If you don’t plan on getting in the water you can open up the factory intake inside and replace your filter with a K&N or similar products. Don’t plan on major power increase but maybe a little better mileage. There is a YouTube video of a guy opening his intake up for better air flow. I think...
  14. dhaumann69166

    4l80e problem symptoms

    If it won’t go past second gear how are you getting it to downshift from third to second at high speed? My M1038 is always in 3rd above 30mph and usually if you don’t shift manually you don’t notice first to second gear shift cause it usually happens around 5 mph if you aren’t hard on the gas...
  15. dhaumann69166

    Questions regarding 3l80 Transmissons and down shifting

    The turbo 400 will downshift but you have to be lugging around at pretty low RPM and put it all the way to the floor. I usually shift manually when driving mine just to keep better control of the RPM and not make it lug around so low. The only time I have had mine kick down a gear is starting...
  16. dhaumann69166

    New engine, new life

    The main problem I see is who makes it. Couldn’t force me to put Ford anything in a vehicle. I helped a friend replace his 460 with a 455 Olds Rocket just so we didn’t have to deal with blue oval bull ****.
  17. dhaumann69166

    Things to look out for on a 94 M988A1?

    The rear half shafts are the same on both sides. Front shafts are different lengths and neither the same as the ones on the rear. Right front half shaft is the longest and most expensive. I have read that a few people on here have tried the cheap non military ones and they didn’t hold up very...
  18. dhaumann69166

    Things to look out for on a 94 M988A1?

    Half shafts are definitely the weak point. I was stuck in a big drift about a month ago and hit my brakes at the wrong time and took out the right front cv joint. I usually try to fix or rebuild stuff but there is LITERALLY ZERO places to buy parts to repair half shafts. I tried the route listed...
  19. dhaumann69166

    Gearing up for pesky coyotes!

    That’s awesome! I have a 37mm under barrel I use for flare rounds to light up th night when night calling on snow but I think you have me beat for cool points lol. I want to show up to a calling competition in your rig.
  20. dhaumann69166

    H1 vs HMMWV noise?

    H1 is much quieter inside. They have insulation and carpet and some sound deadening to keep it quiet inside. They also have under hood insulation. If you want to make your HMMWV quieter inside (still not H1 quiet) use bed liner on the underside of the body and inside the doghouse. For the...
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