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  1. halftrack

    MTVR Manuals

    I posted this elsewhere but in the wrong spot. Enjoy!
  2. halftrack

    Hemtt Fire Sale!

    I have for sale some Hemtts, real cheap - located in Pakistan - FOB for shipping.
  3. halftrack

    This is what happens when a M35A2 is a FMS truck!

    Glad to see it went to a good home. NOT.
  4. halftrack

    M936 on recent GL auction

    Anyone see what the final price for the M936 went for? Someone mentioned $25,500 and that's BEFORE taxes and the buyers premium. And it was just a straight 900. I must admit it was a clean truck but considering that I will be selling an M936A2 for less when you count all of the fees and...
  5. halftrack

    M939A2 Filter Numbers

    M939A2 Filter/Part Numbers Crossover For all you M939A2 guys out there, Here is a quick reference for filter numbers when it comes time to change you filters. Here are the pics with the filter numbers for the oil filter, fuel filter, and tranny filter.
  6. halftrack

    Mardi Gras M936A2 style!

    As most of you may know it is Mardi Gras here in New Orleans. Boy, what a time it is. I was invited by the Krewe of Thoth to have one of my trucks in the parade. Though I did this last year with the M35A2, I wanted something bigger in the parade (I had to try to out-do the NG with thier...
  7. halftrack

    6 CTA 8.3 Liner Pitting

    Here is a question(s) for ya! To Bruce, Chris, Army Ed, Bjorn and to whomever else can shed light. I am currently having my spare 6 CTA 8.3 rebuilt to be put in the M936A2 I got from Bruce. I originally thought that the either the head gasket was blown or the oil cooler was bad because I...
  8. halftrack

    tranny shifter upgrade to push button

    Are there any tranny guys out there that have any experience with automatic shifters (push button type) that can be mounted on the side of the allison transmissions. The new Marine 7 tons have this feature and I would like to possibly upgrade my 5 ton with this feature. However, if they are...
  9. halftrack

    M151's still out there? Look

    Searching through GL trucks and wait a minute, what is that I see in the background?? Two M151s! Too bad though, we all know their fates.
  10. halftrack

    Looking for a lead on Wrecker Vises.

    Naturally when I got my M936A2, someone had made sure to liberate the vise off the front bumper. I assume the M816 had the same vise as the M936. Anyone has a lead on some military vises for the wreckers?
  11. halftrack

    Nice looking 5 ton tractor.

    My good buddy vj in TN wanted me to post a pic of his latest project. Nice looking rig vj!
  12. halftrack

    m936A2 brakes slowly lock-up...what gives?

    Unfortunately my air brake knowledge is not as sharp as the pencil I use at work. While finally being able to drive the M936A2 wrecker, after about 5 minutes of casual driving, the rear (and just the rear) brakes began to drag until they finally immobilize the entire truck from totally...
  13. halftrack

    Is this the man in charge of GL?

    Hear it straight from the horses mouth. Business is booming. Breaking News | Latest News | Current News -
  14. halftrack

    Looking for these particular 900 series parts.

    Just what the title says. When Bruce Kubu said the A2's are hard to find parts for, it was an understatement. I am looking for these particular parts that are holding up the completion of my project. Please do not suggest one of the following suppliers as I called them numerous times. Memphis...
  15. halftrack

    Looking for M35A2 canvas cargo cover

    Guys, I am looking for an M35A2 canvas cargo cover that is either new or in really good shape. I need the end curtains, too. I am thinking that it might be difficult to find a new one since they are getting kind of rare so I may have to settle for a good used canvas cargo cover. I know I can...
  16. halftrack

    800 series going up in price!

    It seems 800 series brought in a pretty dime this past auction. Just one auction ago they were going for abut 2k less. Anyone know why or did anyone get one? Some of the m813s look average to decent. Nothing jump out at me.
  17. halftrack

    Burn baby Burn!!

    MASS-6's HMMWV. They seem to burn pretty good. Maybe we should work on that issue. THIS IS NOT COMBAT RELATED. It happened at Camp Pendleton when they Marines encountered mechanical troubles with the truck and the engine started racing. The pictures show the end result.
  18. halftrack

    My new M936A2 project (update)

    My new M936A2 project (brakes locking up) With all this talk of 900's I felt left out of the conversation. Sorry if I am stealing some thunder Chris. I'll make it up to you in parts. I am starting this thread to show tha progression of my new wrecker. 900's are awesome. The photos are a couple...
  19. halftrack

    Eglin AFB FL, Anyone around there?

    Anyone near by to give a heads up on a lot or two? I would be willing to pay for any inconveince.
  20. halftrack

    Bringing out the deuce for the 4th.

    Washed off the grime and dust and ready to sport her around town tomorrow, even if I go to the grocery store! Happy 4th everyone. Keep up the good work and enjoy those trucks and be safe! Semper Fi!
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