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  1. jimk

    Air compressor (or air pack) CFM?

    Greetings and happy new year to all, Does anyone know how many CFM the air compressor on the M35A2 (or 809 series) make? I am considering replacing a remote vacuum assist booster with my spare M35A2 air pack (the short one). I have electric on-board air now, a small 24v Thomas pump, being...
  2. jimk

    Wiring diagrams for V-100 / M-113 radios/ intercom/ amp/ cable #s

    V-100 diagram from member: deepwoods. M-113 diagram from member: plasmacutter. AN-VRC-12 cabling diagram from ?
  3. jimk

    Can anyone identify this vision block??

    Greetings, Can anyone identify this vision block?? (what it was used on and where (ex: M48, M41, driver, turret ...)? Thickness suggest heavy armor. Date suggest Vietnam era. I would like to know what it is before I put it on ebay. Thanks, Jim Inside (overall) 7-1/8" x 2-3/4" Outside...
  4. jimk

    Cadillac Gage V-100 factory parts manual, part #101927, .pdf,

    . Cadillac Gage V-100 factory parts manual, part #101927, .pdf, 79MB, 260 pages. Scanned from a photocopy sent to me by M813rc, missing pages supplied by TacticalTruck. Suggested view - set to single page, zoom set to fit visible. Download link-...
  5. jimk

    crash pads

    Greetings, I have been looking for crash pad material for interior side walls. It is a 3/16", black, foam with a durable textured skin. The factory replacement stuff is similar but has a slightly different texture. Material like Volara doesn't have the skin and can be torn with a fingernail. The...
  6. jimk

    Google Street View, Okinawa, USMC parachute training exercise

    . . I assume a parachute is a military vehicle. I found an interesting Google Maps street view showing a 2014 USMC parachute training exercise near Okinawa. I found this after reading a CNN article about 9,900+ acres of US military base land the departing administration is giving away. As...
  7. jimk

    St. Louis MO area, Anyone need a parade driver?

    My pal Rob used to enjoy driving my M35A2 in the local Memorial Day parades. He has since moved to St. Charles, Mo. If anyone has more than one vehicle and is in need of a driver I'm sure Rob would be happy to do it. I have know Rob since high school. If interested give him a call, or email me...
  8. jimk

    Transmission speedometer gear tooth count New Process 541 542

    Does anyone have easy access to a V100 speedometer drive gear? Maybe a loose transmission sitting around? My nos NPG 542 is missing the speedometer drive gear (aka pencil gear) and its adapter (the small collar that holds it in/ cable hooks to). I need to know the tooth count for accurate...
  9. jimk

    V-100 M706 mystery. Anyone know these unit markings ?

    Anyone know these markings? Photos are all cropped from the same old Polaroid. Truck is a M706E1, Probably used by the Army, not Air Force, Marine Corps, ARVN... My guess US/F--, US/EO/8--. 1 CAV 1/9 was also found under paint. Suggestions? (for the markings in photo). Thanks. Jim
  10. jimk

    Chelsea PTO cable bracket mounting question

    disregard Jim
  11. jimk

    Ingersoll Rand Gyro-Flo air compressor, lubrication info wanted.

    Greetings, I just bought an old IG tow behind Mod 125 (circa 1957, 125 cfm, Continental flat head 4) w/Gyro-Flo R-125 air end (vane type). Does anyone here have experience with them? I'm interested in servicing the air-end lube, specifically checking the oil level and amount required. Also...
  12. jimk

    New England Air Museum - aircraft engines for sale.

    New England Air Museum Note- includes a M5 Stuart tank engine...
  13. jimk

    X-15 Rocket Plane Flight Manual (.pdf)

    Everything you wanted to know about USAF's X-15 rocket plane but were afraid to ask. X-15 Flight Manual Click the title area at top (red) to see the complete manual. Click the lower links to see separate sections. To download it (.pdf) - right click, click save link as , then save.
  14. jimk

    NHC250 Cummins fuel rail pressure

    I turned up my M813 PT pump a second time (1-1/4 total). I have a fuel press gauge on this unused plug (see arrow). I'm getting only 50psi when I go wot to 2100, no load. When I get to 2100 it drops quickly to 10psi. I must be doing something wrong. Can the recommended 172-178 psi rail pressure...
  15. jimk

    NHC250 crosshead adjustment

    I'm confused about the TM's instruction for crosshead adjustment. The first and second proceedure (example 3-16 and 3-63 below) both match and call for a dial indicator and setting of .025-.040. The third example, durning valve adj (3-83), is similar but lacks the dial indcator and preload of...
  16. jimk

    SR71 Blackbird

  17. jimk


    A simulated dogfight training took place between two Israeli F-15D's and four A-4N Skyhawks over the skies of the Negev, Israel. The F-15D #957, (nicknamed 'Markia Shchakim', 5 killmarks) was used for the conversion of a new pilot in the squadron. Here is the description of the event as...
  18. jimk

    Cut away aircraft engine pictures

    Clockwise, from top left: 1.) Rolls Royce Merlin (Packard) - Model V-1650-9 Bore x Stroke 5.4" x 6.0" , 1,649 cubic inches (27 liters).Compression Ratio 6.00:1 Supercharger type Two stage engine driven supercharger, Weight 1,690 lbs , Power 1735 bhp @ 3000 rpm 66" boost ... Rolls-Royce Merlin...
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