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  1. M813rc

    Need help with the evolution of 5 ton trucks.

    Partial answer - M809 is the series of trucks of which M813/M814/etc. are members. All have manual transmissions. All had dual rear wheels, 11.00x20 tires, at first, late service Marine Corps trucks had 14.00s. M939 is the series that M925/M931/etc. belong to. All have automatic...
  2. M813rc

    What did you do to your trailer today.

    Finally got the S788 shelter mounted onto my FHT. The FHT is something of a mystery trailer. It has no data plates, and there are no signs that it ever had any. I believe it was built by now-defunct Laguna Industries, because there are tiny stamps of their cage code on most of the individual...
  3. M813rc

    7 Ton cargo cover and hardware

    Sorry on the loss of your brother. Due to stupidity on the part of the then-city council, Bergstrom AFB got closed down and turned into the city airport. Only after the fact did they realize it was a major local employer and was going to cost huge money to turn into a civilian facility...
  4. M813rc

    7 Ton cargo cover and hardware

    I had high hopes some years ago when the MTVR came out that I could finally get a fitted tarp for my ISO bed Marine M813. It was not to be, I measured the 7-ton bed, it was 14' not 15'. :( On the 813, the spare tire and davit are inside the front of the bed, rather than mounted behind the...
  5. M813rc

    What are the ITVs called?

    One of my Marine sons called them "Itvees" and "mortar jeeps". On the topic of names. In my military experience (Marines, '78-'98, later as a consultant for the Army post 9/11) - HMMWV were always called Humvees until recently when the civilian name Hummer started catching on. CUCVs were...
  6. M813rc

    What’s this?

    It is a mount for the DAGR GPS. Cheers
  7. M813rc

    Litter Carrier

    Here's one. I think I have more buried in my files. Cheers
  8. M813rc

    What am I looking at?

    Personally, I'd go for it! (Probably haggle a little on the price though) Even if it is a 'homebuilt', it appears well executed and would make a great vehicle for displays. Cheers
  9. M813rc

    Catastrophic Ibis Tek tow bar failure; snapped like a twig.

    Read on, in a later post he stated he was using the feet. ;) They were still attached to the truck when he took the tow bar photos. Cheers
  10. M813rc

    Wheel color question

    Nice! Cheers
  11. M813rc

    M1161/M1163/M1164(trailer) Documents

    Not a Growler question, but regarding other USMC TMs - do you have any relating to markings/camo/etc. that can be shared? I know such beasts exist, but have had no luck hunting them. ;) I'd like to have access to the 'official' word on markings, rather than just observations of what is on...
  12. M813rc

    M1101/M1102 adjustable lunette

    That's interesting. I noticed the kit comes with storage brackets to keep the old lunette on board the trailer. Pretty cool! There is a similar item for the M116A3 and DRASH trailers that allows adjustment up or down. I was looking for something to adjust my HSTRU trailer, since it towed...
  13. M813rc

    Can any M880 owners help me with some details for my models?

    Unless the Air Force painted the interior blue, the factory base interior colour is Green 34079 for the metal surfaces. Looking forward to seeing that completed. [thumbzup] Cheers
  14. M813rc

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2019 - November VOTE HERE!

    Well done, Jnissen! But, as it should be, a close finish. As I have said many times before during these competitions - "How am I supposed to pick just one?!?" In this case, Jnissen is a fellow club member, which made for an easy choice, but the other vehicles are great too. Cheers
  15. M813rc

    Wheel color question

    I've had a couple of formerly black M1009 wheels fade to brown over the years. Cheers
  16. M813rc

    Wheel color question

    There are always exceptions! This one looks white though.rofl I think these may actually belong to Border Patrol. The simple answers to the original question are - Black wheels from the factory Black according to the official 383 camo manual Individual units - whatever they applied, as noted...
  17. M813rc

    S788 shelter - cabinet clips

    And again... Cheers
  18. M813rc

    Upcoming downtime - Conversion/Update

    We bow respectfully again in your general direction, one - because you know how to do whatever it is you are doing; and two - because you are doing it for that fabulous salary we pay you. [thumbzup] Cheers
  19. M813rc

    M109a3 power shore cable

    Kyle, there are several types of plugs used on the trucks, you might want to post a picture of yours to narrow down the choices and make sure you get the right one. ;) Cheers
  20. M813rc

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2019 - November VOTE HERE!

    As always, some great vehicles here, but have to stick with a fellow club member! Besides that, I have seen his jeep in person, and it is indeed beautiful. Cheers
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