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  1. Retiredwarhorses

    X doors

    umm, one door is hard, one is Soft.
  2. Retiredwarhorses

    Remove paint but leave CARC!

    You will never get a match on old paint, you will even have problems with a match If sprayed from different batches, minimal, but it’s just the nature of the beast. Latex house pant can be mixed to exact FSC standards and is a dead on match for CARC color and finish, the only draw back I see is...
  3. Retiredwarhorses

    6.5NA HMMWV 3L80 to 4L80e

    yes, this is the quickest and cheapest Route, there are many 3 speed from other folks conversions sitting in garages across America....I do a few 4 speed conversions a month.
  4. Retiredwarhorses

    Non-op compressor

  5. Retiredwarhorses

    Non-op compressor

    So, I wired 24v to the compresso, it works...I get 24 volts to the fuse block, found the relay that the compressor switch goes too, it’s a 12v switch that activates the 24v relay. When the switch is activated, it kills the 12volts...I can hear and feel the relay opening and closing. I also get...
  6. Retiredwarhorses

    M1161/M1163/M1164(trailer) Documents

    I need the operator manual and parts TM....I’ve got a problem child here at the shop. any docs appreciated...
  7. Retiredwarhorses

    Non-op compressor

    Anyone done any TS on non-op compressor? I get voltage at the fuse block, nothing at compressor connector
  8. Retiredwarhorses

    M1161/ M1161 Drive axles

    Don’t think they are the same, the growler takes splined shafts on both ends.
  9. Retiredwarhorses

    M1161/ M1161 Drive axles

    That front part number does not cross to anything that I can find...rear does.
  10. Retiredwarhorses

    Just purchased 99 m998 and can’t start

    It’s very common I get trucks delivered too the shop that have dead batterie, reason is, the transport companies inadvertently leave the start switch in the run position, kills the batterie, kills glow plugs etc... 3 reasons for a flashing wait light with that box, bad box, bad TSU or all glow...
  11. Retiredwarhorses

    M998 spring length

    your truck should not have 954’s, I would put at minimum 1250lb in front and variables in the rear. But better yet, when you going to dump that old tired 998 and buy an M1123 at the auction? proves have never been cheaper....I’ve picked up Damn near new M1123’s with 27 miles on them for under $10k
  12. Retiredwarhorses

    m1161 Growler manual

    Anyone know what type of PS fluid goes in these?
  13. Retiredwarhorses

    X doors

    Supply and demand...dont think for a second they will get cheaper.
  14. Retiredwarhorses

    Exhaust System Placement Question

    Why? If,anythin, just Install the last piece of the exhaust pipe from a 96-2004 H1. i have one or 2 here at the connects to muffle and route up over the wheel and exits at the rear left tire.
  15. Retiredwarhorses

    Overheating 🥵

    most fan issues “at least in my shop” have been listed in order.... -faulty thermostatic switch “note, do not replace w/Chinese knockofor” -bad TDM -bad solenoid on Cadillac valve -blockage in fan clutch line from Cadillac valve.
  16. Retiredwarhorses

    Water pump replacement

    That hose is for the newer style surge tank
  17. Retiredwarhorses

    Water pump replacement

    The plate gasket is available in the WP gasket kit from autozone..ES72674
  18. Retiredwarhorses

    Portal Axle Seal Help (in driveway now)

    Part number 5590745 is the one piece seal
  19. Retiredwarhorses

    Portal Axle Seal Help (in driveway now)

    The old seal is an aftermarket seal, the new seal is the POS 2 piece seal, the rubber is a dust boot that goes on the halfshaft itself after the seal is installed. That new seal does not look correct, the seal should be thinner IIRC...but I won’t and don’t use the 2 piece. I only use the OEM...
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