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    Garwood 20k winch side rollers

    Need garwood 20k winch side rollers and brackets, broke both of mine don't ask . Their on m925 and guild the cable.

    Self healing fuel tanks

    I've upgraded my 5ton to the self healing fuel tanks being sold everywhere and l wondering if anybody's tried to get paint to stick to polymer coating.

    Carc 2 available colors

    Are there any other carc 2 greens available besides 383, don't marines use a darker green. Want to use carc to paint my armored m925a1. I've used behr on my m146 and a few other projects but it always seems to spit chunks when sprayed from paint gun or my Wagner airless sprayer. It's like the...

    Filtz tire Marshfield Wl

    Went to Filtz tire in Marshfield wi today and picked up all of the parts needed for m931 conversion. They have about dozen 939s there parting out, cargos, tractors, wreckers, and couple bigger am generals. Said there waiting for scrape price to go up before cutting them up. Also some are nice...

    How about a camper build section

    Having built several campers and searched on here for others builds it gets frustrating going from deuce to 5ton to lmtv to trailers to keep up and get ideas.

    Xm971 toy hauler

    My new xm971, thinking of rv toy hauler with ramp door. This will be my second rv build the first being a m146.

    cold starting

    I pray we never go to a war where its cold out cause it doesn't seem like we'll ever get half are fleet running. My a1 and a2 are hard starters in the cold. My duece will always start eventually but the other day I stop by local surplus provider and even his newer truck's ( lmtv) had a hard...

    Fifth wheels

    The fifth wheel plate on my m931 is different from the others I seen. I am wondering how rare it is and opinions of it.

    M925 a1 armored crew cab

    So I decided to turn my 925 a1 into an armored crew cab. I ordered quarter inch ar500 doors windshields and a few other miscellaneous parts from last stand survival and the rest I'll fill in the blanks with ar500 I'll cut with my plasma cutter. So here's some pictures of what I did this week.
  10. ROCKWELL-C60

    M931a2 wont turn over

    Hi guys, I just purchased a M931a2 and M146 trailer for mega camper build. I got home last nite and shut it off and this morning it wont start. I can hear a faint click on first power switch but no lights, buzzers, or anything electrical on second switch. The batteries are good so I don't know...
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