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  1. dmetalmiki

    1952 M135

    Thank you, You (or any member with knowledgge of) can email me via or
  2. dmetalmiki

    1952 M135

    Does any of the "Gang on this forum know of one for sale? I wanted to get one in (GMC M 211 Item location: Schwenksville, Pennsylvania, United States)) , On the 'GiantClassicCars' site. (I would prefer a M135 though). They advertise 5 of these trucks for sale. Not one answer from any of them...
  3. dmetalmiki

    New guy from Hawaii

    Welcome to the site and the hobby, (But!)..WHERE are pics .. Please.
  4. dmetalmiki

    Can NOT find a M135 truck for sale anywhere!

    This is SO hard the new format is no way as good as the old. TRACER comes up as "Navada" not California, and no way on his posts or clicking his name reveals stats etc NOR a way to P.M. him. And, as an aside, why is there no option for the litle smilies and emo's that used to be able to be...
  5. dmetalmiki

    Can NOT find a M135 truck for sale anywhere!

    I will try to contact the peop;e mentioned, But can anyone send me links to steel soldiers members as I cant find the omes mentioned. Oh, (and) .......The >KAT< sez. " Get R done!" Cuz, If ya do, The 'boss' promises I get's an extra potion of TURKEY! (Yum Yum)...And a RIDE in the truck when It...
  6. dmetalmiki

    Can NOT find a M135 truck for sale anywhere!

    So, Can you check for me..Thanks..1 response so'e hoping...
  7. dmetalmiki

    Can NOT find a M135 truck for sale anywhere!

    F'er goodness sake, I have posted, Advcertised, placed wanted adverts weverywhere for Probably the last truck I will collect. (Finally). Google revealed nothing. E.U. Search. Nothing. U.S. Search, Nothing. Somebody, Somewhere SURLEY, Knows of, or might have, A GMC M135 circa 50's. Like the...
  8. dmetalmiki

    Secret for driving a BRDM-2?

    Nope.. That is with the OT90, Which has an epicyclic gearbox, A sort'a copy of the daimler Pre-Selector gearbox. The BTR60 has Two Petrol engines TWO gearboxes and ONE single Hydraulically operated clutch. And ARE a t..t to drive and change gear in. Remember that both engines have to be synced...
  9. dmetalmiki

    New member from Colorado

    And guess what?..Since replying to your post, and on the same night on "Talking Pictures" T.V. in an old arm comedy film, Through the camp gates came the exact same truck as you have there, In R.A.F. Colors and markings.
  10. dmetalmiki

    Anyone Running a Dometic Fridge? 12 or 24v?

    I don't see why your unit will not work. Having checked everything else, Have you checked the output of the inverter?. We have a 'Dometic', And a full size household fridge freezer in my Camper..and both work just fine. The inverter is 7000 w. continuous capability. (Off 8, 100AH batteries.)...
  11. dmetalmiki

    New member from Colorado

    Welcome to the site and the hobby. We had trucks running around the base like that that pumped water from fire pits.
  12. dmetalmiki

    New guy from Wisconsin

    A nice (And) Very original truck. Seems it has found a 'good home'. Welcome to the site and the hobby. Post up pictures of the restoration project as you go. I do rather like your shop, And particularly the signs.
  13. dmetalmiki

    'To Go', (All on MB Jeep)

    During a huge tidy up, throw out, And rearrange week, I found RPM counter and cable, And some odd electrical parts. Hmmmm, "Haven't see those for about 40 years!". Chucked most of the associated parts way years back When MUCH younger and cared not (Then) a jot about all the space consuming...
  14. dmetalmiki

    May your Christmas be WRENCHING

    You have A "LOT" of time time on your hands.....;still quite humorous though.
  15. dmetalmiki

    Well, You know what 'They Say'.....A change is as good as a fortune..good luck with your move...

    Well, You know what 'They Say'.....A change is as good as a fortune..good luck with your move and future.
  16. dmetalmiki

    Drove the old XM211 to Cars and Coffee for the first time.

    Thank you for the video, (Now YOU have 'caused' a problem(As)) You have an absolute Gem there..Nice truck...I so WANT one...(b4..I?)......Hmmm.. Anywaze, "Somewhere in the E.U. " (In) A U.S. Army depot "...A lonely 'forgotten' truck....Stands ;crying' for a new owner.. .>save me save me save...
  17. dmetalmiki

    Who has a TATRA in U.S.A.

    Tatra RULES!..'Wish I had one..or two..or..
  18. dmetalmiki

    "Inventing" a "New Multi-Fuel Engine"

    Well we ran (Run) All the vehicles we own on 'contam.' Goat Deuces 5 Tons Diamond T (6 cyl supercharged two stroke diesel). F350 Army Airforce Ambulance. (G.M. Motor). M45 530C. Most all run with no smoke whatsoever. Petrol/diesel/ waste Automatic Transmission oil. (Filtered down to 1 micron)...
  19. dmetalmiki

    Poll test

    seven actually....(And), I haven't found anything or anywhere that does not function on the new layout,..Yet.
  20. dmetalmiki

    "Thanks" and Logging out.

    As you Were!..I HAVE found the ' Log Out Button'. Still can't find the "Thanks" Button though.
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