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    Is there a trick to installing turnlock receptacles?

    Awhile back I tried reinstalling an original that fell out and I inserted one side then tried to pinch it to get the other side inserted and the clip snapped in two. Maybe the original was brittle but maybe I was doing it wrong. Are there any tips or tricks or proper procedure for installing...
  2. US6x4

    Will disconnecting the 12V cable mess things up?

    I've got (2) 8D batteries wired together for 24V and I'm wondering if disconnecting only the 12V terminal will hurt anything or will it cause some sort of uneven draw? I'm, uh, asking for a friend... The +24V terminal is turning blue (corroding) on the exposed wires where the sheath has pulled...
  3. US6x4

    A source for NOS H-161 VIC-1 headsets

    I was searching for awhile before I ran across these several months ago; not the easiest to find. I bought 5 of them and they sent (3) H-161 E/U and (2) H-161 F/U so they do have a mix of them. Mine were 1990 mg. date so the foam was starting to melt, but they are new in the wrapper : )...
  4. US6x4

    The Soldier B HubHelper for 2.5 ton trucks

    For those that don't hang out in or visit the 5-ton section, there is now a 2.5 ton version of the HubHelper available for Deuce owners! Please check out the listing in the classifieds section here for more details...
  5. US6x4

    WA Soldier B HubHelper for 2.5, 5, and 10 ton trucks

    This is the Soldier B HubHelper that I designed and produce to make the job of removing hubs/brake drums easier and more manageable when working by yourself and I'm happy to now offer them for the 2.5 ton and 10 ton trucks. This tool helps save your back from hefting the heavy and awkward brake...
  6. US6x4

    Leaky M809 manual fuel shutoff valve

    My fuel shutoff valve has 2 leaks currently since doing the dual fuel mod and loosening up the valve. The big leak around the threads I think I'll thicken up with teflon tape if those are pipe threads and if they're straight then maybe a new o-ring is in order. The leak at the shaft has me a...
  7. US6x4

    Good looking 5 ton in Avengers: End Game

    This is a scene that's supposed to be New Jersey 1972. The truck looks really good and doesn't smoke, but it does have 53" XZLs and LED headlights which stand out. To me It looks like this is an M818 with a short cargo bed on it like the 100dollarman used to build. Does anyone here recognize it?
  8. US6x4

    Does anyone know what shade of OD green this UH-60 is?

    I saw this Blackhawk at a show and I'm in love! If my M813 ever returns to a solid color it may have to be this color. Does anyone know any details about this particular aircraft paint? Would it be a CARC coating?
  9. US6x4

    Trick, functional jake brake grenade shifter

    I just completed my most recent project which was to put a grenade shift knob on the shifter but with a twist. In preparation for jake brakes I wanted to be able to switch the brakes on and off from the shifter like modern big rigs so I went down a rabbit hole to put a micro switch inside the...
  10. US6x4

    What can cause the dipstick to get pushed out?

    It doesn't seem to matter how tightly I compress the rubber base of the oil dipstick (NHC-250), it continually pushes out about 3/8". My first thought is blow-by or a restricted road draft tube but what else can cause this to happen? Could the rubber be hardened and not grabbing the tube...
  11. US6x4

    Reconciling differences in mfg. dates - engine vs axles vs vehicle title

    My M813 is titled as a '79, the engine was manufactured in 4-'81, and I don't know how to decode my axles tags but I'm trying to figure out which date would be the most accurate in terms of indicating when the truck left the assembly line. Does it make sense for a 4-'81 engine to make it into a...
  12. US6x4

    Post up those Point of View hood shots!

    I wanted to start a fun thread where folks can post pictures of what they see from the driver seat. I really enjoy the view from the seat of my 5 ton towering over traffic, pointed up a mountain side logging road or waiting in a parade line. It's interesting to see what other members get to...
  13. US6x4

    VIC-1 intercom panel for soft tops

    Given the amount of noise in the cab of these trucks and wanting to be able to talk to the person next to me without yelling I resolved to install an intercom. I looked and asked around the forum and other places but did not net much responses for what folks have done in their soft top cabs for...
  14. US6x4

    Can my Jerry can be used with diesel?

    The word on the street is that diesel in a galvanized can or fuel tank is bad because the diesel dissolves the zinc which gets into your injection pump. So I have this 1986 USMC can that is galvanized on the outside for sure but the inside has a smooth slippery tan coating. The can is stamped...
  15. US6x4

    Does anyone have any experience with Alpha Tread Tires?

    They have good prices and had a good selection, but exposure to all that Tuscon sunshine can't be doing their tires any favors. They have a sea of tires as you can see: Has anyone bought tires there or otherwise done business with them?
  16. US6x4

    What vehicle did 12.00 x 20 NDTs come stock on?

    I see them for sale and they may be a good option for replacing the 11.00 x 20s on my 813 but I'd like to see a picture of a dualled truck with the 12s.
  17. US6x4

    I need some help with a hub measurement please

    I need to know how far the hub flange at the wheel mounting surface sticks out from the front face of the drum itself. does anyone happen to have a wheel off of their truck that could take a measurement?
  18. US6x4

    Jake brake 25A vs. 25B & their use with a pulse manifold

    I'm to study up on jake brakes and turbos for the small cam NHC 250 and I have 2 questions bundled together here, but i think they're related. 1. What are the differences between the jacobs 25A & 25B compression brake? What I've read so far suggests the 25A is iron? and the 25B has an...
  19. US6x4

    Does this sweet M813A1 RV belong to a member?

    A friend sent me this random photo and I want to find out more about the truck. It looks like the real deal and not photoshop.
  20. US6x4

    Will a humvee key switch work in a M-series truck?

    I have an M813 and I came across this key switch conversion and I was wondering if it would work on my truck. I think the 809s come with a 3 plug switch...
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