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  1. DUG

    No oil pressure blues - simple fix

    We were heading north on a packed I15 freeway out of San Diego on Veterans' Day after I had hosted the San Diego Department of Veterans Affairs and their families like I have for the past several years. About 25 miles into the return trip with 50 miles to go the oil pressure gauge dropped to...
  2. DUG

    Towing a 12 volt trailer with the deuce - please help.

    As posted elsewhere, our troops scout trailer was stolen last weekend. We have a premier campout coming up on the 21st about 250 miles away in the desert. It is a windy area and we have a contact who loans us a Base X 200 tent for the boys to sleep in. We put our female leaders and Venture...
  3. DUG

    Tach quit - nothing wrong

    The tach in my deuce dropped to zero about 30 miles into a 170 mile trip to the San Diego Vets Parade. A quick inspection of the tach drive/adapter showed nothing imploded or leaking so we kept going without the use of a functioning tach. Today I ordered a new cable from Erik's since I ASSuMEd...
  4. DUG

    Deuce (or 5 ton) RV

    I haven't seen this one before -
  5. DUG

    Custom 5 ton spotted

    Saw this 5 ton while out walking with my wife and dogs. The local AAA baseball stadium is hosting a Warrior Run this weekend. It says National Guard on it, but with the mods and regular Nevada plates on the tow rig, I don't know if it's still government property or not. Only had time for...
  6. DUG

    Leaking tach drive

    Started out this morning to change the front crankshaft seal. Once the radiator was pulled we discovered it was a broken tach drive housing and a loose fitting. We pulled the tach drive from the spare motor and swapped it in. I decided not to continue with the front seal change. We also...
  7. DUG

    Maintenance - it never ends..........

    A few weeks ago I finished up a clutch change and rear main seal replacement fixing a lot off little stuff along the way. Then I did my annual spring oil change and pressure washed the engine. I noticed the passenger side front axle boot small clamp had come off - again. We were able to clean...
  8. DUG

    Rear main and clutch replacement - lessons learned

    I didn't take pics. I could have, but it's a messy job and I was working alone 75% of the time so it didn't happen. My truck has leaked oil of some sort out of the bellhousing since I brought it home from GL in 2009. For the first year or so it wasn't a problem. It never impacted the level...
  9. DUG

    Anyone doing the San Diego Veteran's parade?

    I've been asked to participate in the parade with the San Diego Office of Veteran's Affairs. While a large number of rank and file workers participate nearly every member of management is there. Since my wife is the president of their local I am running "AFGE 1201" as my bumper numbers...
  10. DUG

    Isringhausen seats

    I picked up a couple Isringhausen seats from a fellow SSer in San Diego today. Has anyone ever installed them in a deuce? If so, any tips?
  11. DUG

    Camp Pendleton preview 1 Feb

    I'm headed up to Pendleton Wednesday and will be stopping by GL to preview 4-5 lots. If there is something there you would like previewed, PM me.
  12. DUG

    If it fits, it ships.......

    Picked up a couple containers for a sorta local to me SSer today at Camp Pendleton. I checked in at DRMO to get a badge and met up with a recently retired shipmate from the NIMITZ. Needless to say the customer service there was over the top outstanding and we took a few minutes to catch up...
  13. DUG

    Civilian sized flatbed trailer needed in SOCAL

    I'm moving to another property we purchased about a mile away and I need to move an 8 x 10 shed over there. I don't know the exact weight, but it's standard 2 x 4 construction with T 111 siding and an asphalt shingled roof. If anyone has an old car trailer or flatbed trailer I can use, please...
  14. DUG

    Riverside SOCAL Meet 25 May

    We're meeting at Zorba's at 1800 on the 25th. Hope to see all you SOCAL guys there. Or at least those close to Riverside.
  15. DUG

    Winch Seal Opinions Needed

    So I have the PTO installed and working as it should (thanks to the advice from Phil). I have the brand new shaft ready to install so I can FINALLY try this thing out, but..... When I installed the winch a couple years ago I tried to service the winch with fresh gear oil. All the plugs...
  16. DUG

    An idiot's guide to piecing together a winch.

    So I thought I would share some of my experiences "piecing" together a standard deuce winch set up for my truck. My best advice would be to get a complete set up all at once if at all possible. I got a great deal on a used winch, with cable, chain, hook and frame extensions. The price was...
  17. DUG

    Barstow 18 April

    Headed up to Barstow to recover a M105 Monday. LMK if you need anything looked at and I'll do my best. Also, since I'll be retiring soon and will have some free time on my hands I can help with inspections or recovery's out of Barstow or Pendleton. LMK what you might need. I have storage...
  18. DUG

    First Deuce Tube Change

    They say third time is a charm and I have to agree. On our third flat tire (in over two years - all outside duals luckily), soldier B and I did our first tube swap. The first flat I paid Parkhouse Tire to swap in a tube that Phil gave me. The second flat I used as an excuse to visit Hundy...
  19. DUG

    Generator Shelf

    I've been looking for a place to carry my cheapie generator on camp trips. I already found places to mount four jerry cans, keeping them out of the bed. I would rather not have fuel in the back because sometimes we sleep in the back and it smells like fuel after a day of driving making for...
  20. DUG

    Mice in my Convoy Lights

    After we finished installing the fittings/valves for the heater, we beat feet to the garage to open the box Mr. Fed Ex dropped off a few hours ago. Thanks to my shipmates in chat for the tip on the lights. Pretty nice opening New In the Box parts. Soldier B put on some plastic gloves because...
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