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  1. coachgeo

    A Guy, a Dog, an M1083, and 2700 Miles

    ye hawww.... sounds like an adventure. What tires are on it? Goodyear or the Michelene? Id ask about date code on them too.
  2. coachgeo

    M1088 camper conversion

    Don't forget you can dog house a box over the tranny ... allowing for lower roof line overall. Tis my plan.
  3. coachgeo

    Hydraulic cylinder rebuilding (spare, cab etc)

    drat.... was holding out a little hope after the earlier post somewhere that they might be... just threw the video up after seeing link to it unexpectedly while still holding to that hope. maybe cut tube open then weld it back with a collar around the cut spot? just thinking out loud...
  4. coachgeo

    LMTV as an RV in California

    correct. there is ways to modify the ctis control module for higher pressures. been discussed in here. Some have gone full manual control, others have modified via transducers...... others have done hybrid
  5. coachgeo

    3700 SP Overdrive?

    Presented this question to an Allison Guru who ownes an Allison rebuild and parts supply company with experience in these transmissions. Answer is basically no. sure one could custom make a gear...... but still would be no go cause the changes would set off a firestorm in the software and put...
  6. coachgeo

    LMTV as an RV in California

    hopefully that is a big over estimation. I had an all new shaft made for my rear at a driveline shop that also did a fair volume of big rigs too . Rear alone was only 600 will all new parts from scratch.
  7. coachgeo

    LMTV Cab Suspension Airbags Alternative

    When you say "bags" where you planning to be buying just the sleeves from Firestone or the whole sleeve plus crimped on components (minus shock and it's parts -n-pieces) if anyone can get just the number for the rubber sleeve Im contemplating a way to crimp new sleeves onto the top and...
  8. coachgeo

    Hydraulic cylinder rebuilding (spare, cab etc)

    just came across this. Previous post had mentioned that our cylinders may actually be rebuilding unlike previously assumed cause folk figured ends were welded. Poster mentioned we may be mistaken and that with a clean we may find one end is...... well like the one in below video. Running off...
  9. coachgeo

    LMTV Cab Suspension Airbags Alternative

    . Yeah blew that one but in my defense had corrected it earlier...... well thought I had. Owe you a thanks. went back to read thru and saw the original changes was making to post 25, actually didn't get saved at all. ..... . Directly after writing that post did some rechecking of notes...
  10. coachgeo

    Sealant for cab air ride sleeve/bags

    Interesting reads!
  11. coachgeo

    I have joined the club ! And yes I have lost my mine !

    how does the shock mount to the bottom plate with 4 holes? If recall right someone posted a pic of a thick-ish ring of rubber that was falling apart from inside their shock. Is there a ring of rubber in the bottom cup or inside the cap at top of the sleeve orrr?
  12. coachgeo

    LMTV Cab Suspension Airbags Alternative

    what most call a "bag" is actually a "sleeve". don't forget looks like some kind of O-Ring that sits on the bottom tube the sleeve is crimped too. Believe there is a rubber ring ( in the bottom of the cup the lower ring mounts into?) as well. Someone posted pic of their ring being worn out...
  13. coachgeo

    LMTV Cab Suspension Airbags Alternative

    here is post with pics of it seperated.
  14. coachgeo

    LMTV Cab Suspension Airbags Alternative

    ahhh.. I see now.... this thread has always confused me... ok so seems the shock is attached to a separate bottom end. The bag/sleeve is crimped to its own metal ends at top and bottom? Top is a cap.... bottom a ring. Shock slides into bottom of bag/sleeve and pinned / screwed / bolted? into...
  15. coachgeo

    LMTV Cab Suspension Airbags Alternative

    ??? guess we still need clarity from FloridaAKM and/or TNmogger cause your right. Makes no sense for shock not to be included. the bag is installed via a special crimp machine that exist pretty much no where but the manufacture firestone makes the bag that the unit uses is only reason that...
  16. coachgeo

    LMTV Cab Suspension Airbags Alternative

    Thought the Power Packer included shock but apparently does not. Suspect Firestone one in image comes from same manufacturer as one Power Packer uses... just sold thru Firestone BTW the YELLOW lettering of the firestone sleeve is important. Keep that in mind. Apparently color of lettering...
  17. coachgeo

    Deliver M1009 from OHIO to Florida

    anyone that might do this that needs a load to bring back... I've got a hardshell FMTV bed cover to get from NC to Dayton OH area
  18. coachgeo

    LMTV M1078A1R - Battery Disconnect Reset Issue

    when all else fails....... get a bigger hammer glad it worked for you. Your starter may just need cleaning.
  19. coachgeo

    What feature of the Steyr cab is a throw-back to the old days in the US?

    Its been looked into I think by Scott and found to be prohibitively expensive to import that? Now if you can can get pieces and parts from junk yard and get a place to cut flat glass... hmmmm? course you can also go with horse trailer, big rig, step van, vent (all the same) and save ton of...
  20. coachgeo

    M1088 camper conversion

    FYI- cover your hydraulic pump; if you have not already. Water can get in thru the brass breather. I'm going to have to bleed out mine cause I discovered this too late.
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