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  1. coachgeo

    Hydraulic cylinder rebuilding (spare, cab etc)

    just came across this. Previous post had mentioned that our cylinders may actually be rebuilding unlike previously assumed cause folk figured ends were welded. Poster mentioned we may be mistaken and that with a clean we may find one end is...... well like the one in below video. Running off...
  2. coachgeo

    Sealant for cab air ride sleeve/bags

    Interesting reads!
  3. coachgeo

    Is there a sketchup M1079 box out there

    before I try with no knowledge yet to do a M1079 sketchup of the box..... has anyone got out out there to use? I did search first.. maybe I missed it?
  4. coachgeo

    Winch off FMTV in Santa Clarita CA to Dayton OH

    just the winch and it's cradle on a pallet to a business.... forklift on both ends. Winch may not even work thus not in any hurry beyond respecting sellers space.
  5. coachgeo

    May your Christmas be WRENCHING

    hope you enjoy this Wrench...dition of a Christmas classic
  6. coachgeo

    Hard key....... Keypad?

    on the 1079 (build 1994 but not left factory in TX till 1997*) the transmission keypad does NOT have the rubberish/siliconish key covers... just solid key buttons. Is this an older keypad or a newer keypad? It is a wtechII *not sure if the later distribution trucks got updated to something...
  7. coachgeo

    agggggg.... hope you plan to transfer from old site our subscriptions

    had a very detailed categorized subscriptions that was extremely beneficial to me....... sure hope have not lost that in the transfer to this new setup..... any plans on bringing in our subscriptions?
  8. coachgeo

    What's wrong with this picture.

    I spy something wrong here... Do you? What is suppose to be there? (yeah not searched TM yet. I thought this more fun and educational for all)
  9. coachgeo

    data plate hmm's?? example build date & deliver date 3yrs apart

    Anyone else have trucks whose data plate shows build date and deliver date pretty far apart? Mine was build 1994 but delivered in 1997. (M1079) What does that mean anyway?? Is it closer to being similar to a truck that was built in 97 parts wise..... or did it get full build in 94 and sit...
  10. coachgeo

    How many have had their driveshafts balanced? THE POLL

    Reworked LMTV asked to set this up as a poll for him so here goes.... see if it works
  11. coachgeo

    Got a FMTV WtechIII trans (working) and need WtechII or the updated harness

    Anyone want to Swap a working WtechII tranny for a working WtechIII tranny..... .....orr.... anyone happen to to have the harness they used to put Wtech III transmissions in the A0's According TKsales a few of the Wtech III's might work on Wtech II but only a few.... he is going to search my...
  12. coachgeo

    Problem... what problem..... addict..... whoo me?? (another LMTV follows me home)

    It has not happened yet (cause no pics or vid) but as some of you may have just surmised. by recent questions... My day started like this "Hi......My Name is George...... and I have a problem..... Im an FMTV-aholic" "I just bought another one" "IM BROKE NOW" can't say Im a PROUD owner...
  13. coachgeo

    200amp alt question.... first of many to come

    going to install hummer 200amp alt in my LMTV (200AMP 14/28 DUAL VOLTAGE; Niehoff ; N1225-1 1244710). general question... what is the amperage output split? 100 amp for each 14 and 28 (50/50 split)?? orrr varies on demand with max 50/50 or is it 60/40 orrr is amp output not limited to...
  14. coachgeo

    Survey...... "oil line of death 3116" (governor oil feed line)

    Since this topic comes up few times a year with killed 3116 engine as result..... would like to collect some data to help everyone determine if they may/may not need to be concerned. This is for EVERYONE w/3116 to report your results please. Include photo if at all possible. Much thanks in...
  15. coachgeo

    pinion brake?? yes I can..... but would it be worth it compared to...

    since have installed a middle axle off of a 6x6 as my rear axle on M1078 A0...... leaving me with a spinning pinion in the rear..... I can put a pinion brake on it someday... if it would be of any value compared to an engine brake for example. course I could also put an engine brake on the...
  16. coachgeo

    Stolen LMTV and skid steer. Keep eye out in NC and surrounding area

    Keep an eye out for it "Our Stewart Stevenson Truck, 10 ton trailer, and Terex PT 100 was stolen this week near Carowinds NC (Charlotte/Fort Mill) area. If anyone sees this setup please contact me. (on Facebook KS ) "
  17. coachgeo

    questions on installing the vertical windshield area support (cab support)

    If it is not a PITA I would like to keep the support out for now and go ahead and reinstall the windshield cause have not decided what color to paint it yet. Got my windshield taken out for some repair in the area and pulled the vertical cab support while windshield out for easy access and to...
  18. coachgeo

    So what is in your....... Engine? (how to search parts break down for your engine)

    ok.... so here is how you look up your engine online. Armed with your engine serial number in hand . go to website . input serial number of your engine in the [equipment] box ...
  19. coachgeo

    Cracked U oil line thread??

    somewhere buried inside someone's thread in here is a discussion about the U hard oil line in the area of the Governor that cracked. Includes a picture of a nice replacement (looped) to reduce vibration hardening..... if I recall right anyone recall anything else about that thread that will...
  20. coachgeo

    Trailer "DUMP INSERT" anyone done it? (am doing on an M105A

    Did lot of searching but seems folk have only done a conversion of existing bed to dump bed. How about a truck bed dump insert installed in the trailer bed? Clean and easy.. and transferable to other trucks or trailers if sell or ?? Picking up a used insert for an 8' truck bed along with...
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