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  1. TechnoWeenie

    Vacuum line part ID/name

    22506637 'adapter' Mine is falling apart and I'm sure the reason for my late shifts... Can this be removed and plumbed directly to the regulator?
  2. TechnoWeenie

    Value of custom USO seats?

    Picked up an M1009 used by the USO... custom embroidered seats.... front and rear... any idea on their worth? I'd rather have regular seats... heh .
  3. TechnoWeenie

    Need some life/truck advice Re: M1031

    sigh. So, I picked up an M1031 about 4 yrs ago...Bought it with 19k, now have about 47k on it.... haven't had any real issues with it... other than the generator being finicky. When I picked it up, the power steering pump had all but unbolted itself and was held in by the belts, and was...
  4. TechnoWeenie

    Failed trans cooler line, need fitting dimensions

    84 M934A0 (haha).. std Mt654cr.. from transmission to cooler.. I checked TMs, and I'm not finding info. so far it's 72" overall, 75 PSI operating ,max burst 3000PSI.. I found P/N 12277179 NSN 4720-01-115-2274, but it seems to be for the hose itself. I have someone that's gonna make the hose...
  5. TechnoWeenie

    M932.... is A2 really worth it?

    So, I bought a 934 with the NHC250.. Loved it. . no major issues... Sure it's a bit slow with 1100s but the duals add a ton of stability.... Now, I had an on the job injury, fighting for disability, and am homeless living in the 934, and tow barring my M1031... it's funny how life works out...
  6. TechnoWeenie

    Why didn't they just use 24v glow plugs?

    doesn't it just seem simpler to have 24v glow plugs to meet the NATO 24v starting requirement instead of the problematic resistor setup? or.. was it a cost cutting measure? no 24v plugs at the time? I've already bypassed the resistor and moved supply to 12v..why shouldn't I just get 24v plugs...
  7. TechnoWeenie

    Trans issue (m1010)

    So, the M1010 that I sold my mom has developed a horrendous whine, even at idle... and she says it 'doesn't feel right' when coasting, and it actually died as she was driving it... Like she was giving it gas and it was going nowhere, but it was in drive and the engine didn't race like it was...
  8. TechnoWeenie

    Any TX class A, B Driver's license test experiences in a 5 ton?

    I'm considering domiciling in Texas, and using my M934 as an RV. Being that TX requires a Class B to drive anything over 26k,but not a CDL if it's noncommercial, I'm curious if any of you guys have gotten a class A or B license because you have a 5 ton, or if you've taken your class A or B DL...
  9. TechnoWeenie

    Thoughts on an FMTV bumper on a CUCV?

    Got an FMTV bumper, thinking about removing the factory bumper and welding the FMTV bumper in place. Waddya think?
  10. TechnoWeenie

    Lost 3rd gear?

    Need help. Won't shift out of first. In parking lot. So, I parked my truck for 2 days, got back in it, and as I'm driving I noticed that it will shift from first to second but then it will stay in second until about 35 mph... Eventually it shifts. But it seems like the third gear is completely...
  11. TechnoWeenie

    Mount muffler under cab?

    M939 series with NHC250... The exhaust line runs right above the air tanks, is there a reason not to shorten the exhaust and put the muffler right under the cab?
  12. TechnoWeenie

    I finally started working on my M934 interior..

    .... and I wanna cry. Basically needs an entirely new interior and new seals. I was gonna get a connex and mount it but chose against that due to insulation costs... Now it's looking like a cheaper option. The wall is bowed in some places (water swelling wood) and rotten in others. That...
  13. TechnoWeenie

    Lovely oil leak

    6.2 gods, lend me your ears... I got an oil's been leaking but since I don't drive it much I haven't delved too far into it. We are talking a quart every 100 or so miles. Enough that it's idling there will be a couple drops in 5 mins or so. The oil hasn't been changed because it's...
  14. TechnoWeenie

    What's your best 'that was dumb' moment involving your 5 ton?

    Just curious. We've all had them, and I wanna hear what everyone else has done. I'll be humble and start... I picked up my 5 ton, and on the way back, I decided I should try the emergency shutoff, just in case... So when I went to park the truck and grab some food, I pulled the emergency...
  15. TechnoWeenie

    M1031 PTO Gen.... Almost working.. Need some advice

    After crawling under the truck and looking at all the safety switches....and realizing that privates painting trucks is a bad idea.. I decided to provide power directly to the controllers, bypassing all switches. The generator is engaged, the idle raises maybe 100 to 200 rpm or so.... And...
  16. TechnoWeenie

    PT Pump (NHC250) issues/clarification on disassembly

    So, I grabbed the TM for the pump, but the pictures are mostly all black and not viewable.. so... Notice leaking from around the throttle shaft area, pulled pump, realized the ether pressure switch attached to the pump is definitely toast, and is definitely leaking, BUT, I have it off so I'd...
  17. TechnoWeenie

    Ignition switch (actual switch not cylinder) wiring...

    So....I got muh handy dandy meter, TM, and some civvy diagrams... I isolated the ignition, accessory, and starter wires.. I'm getting +12v on both red wires at all times... Brown is accy... Yellow is start...BUT....I'm showing 24V on crank....shouldn 't that be 12V? 12V to operate the...
  18. TechnoWeenie

    Calling all wheel/tire gods!

    I gotta admit, the options on wheels and tires are downright confusing... I've read a bunch of threads, and these tires go with these rims but not those rims and those rims can be used with that tire but only on that version and not this version, and this tire is great on this rim but don't use...
  19. TechnoWeenie

    Yay! Charging issues!

    Okay, I have a fun one. Ever since I purchased my m1031, at high RPM, the Gen 1 and Gen 2 lights like to dance. They kind of alternate glowing on and off, but never full on. I figured that they were on their way out, or I had a bad ground. As I do with all new vehicles, I clean off any grounds...
  20. TechnoWeenie

    coilover / spring assist shocks for M1031?

    I've run coil over / spring assist shocks in every one of my vehicles, even passenger cars.. I find it maintains ride height when loaded and maintains a smoother ride... Now, it seems that Gabriel discontinued most of their spring assist shocks, and those that are available seem to indicate...
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