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  1. NormB

    Kent-Moore V-belt tensioner J-7316

    Got it. Well, not really, but close. Phone number for Kent-Moore (aka „Automotive Service Solutions... Kent-Moore“ aka „Bosch Tools“ as identified when I connected to a person) is 1.800.345.2233 Turns out the part J-7316 IS in their computer, for „Heavy Duty Truck“ use, but it was superceded...
  2. NormB

    Kent-Moore V-belt tensioner J-7316

    Happened to come across one of these - came in a „box o‘ tools“ I bought a few years ago, never needed it until recently when I changed out my generator, PS pump, belts, etc. Using one of the little „klickit“ devices is awkward, hard to read, so I remembered this gadget and pulled it outta the...
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