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  1. Capt Pat

    Ex-Military 'Anteater' tracked crane

    Our organization (Firelands Military Vehicle Group, a 501 (c)(3) for the purposes of militarily significant historic preservation and public education )has found an ex-Navy WWII crawler tractor crane we're planning to restore. Apparently there were only a couple hundred of them built and they...
  2. Capt Pat

    Steel Soldiers giveaway sponsored by

    THANKS Hawker Battery, and THANKS Steel Soldiers, I'm in, always need batteries
  3. Capt Pat

    Steel Soldiers giveaway sponsered by for $250 store credit

    Count me in and Thank You to the vendors like TRIGGER and the others that keep up the cause. And keep us on our toes too.
  4. Capt Pat

    Steel Soldiers giveaway sponsored by

    My 725 needs a pair, Count me in too. And THANKS to Hawker and Steel Soldiers for making the hobby more interesting.
  5. Capt Pat


    They're going to attempt again to hold the Annual Kelleys Island "NAVY DAYS" event on the Island the 19th and 20th of June 2021. There will be several attractions on the island, with the historic military vehicle military amphibious and watercraft part directed from the WEST BAY INN on the...
  6. Capt Pat

    WTH, Found a tank today.

    They were 'disposed of' as excess material and the decision to "REEF" them was made. Its easier for the local Guard and Reserve units to pull or purge oil sumps and fuel bladders/tanks and then dump them in the ocean in groups with the site predetermined to make optimum use of the structure...
  7. Capt Pat

    WTH, Found a tank today.

    Take Cold Warrior's suggestion, our organization does alot with doing restorations of thye local "cannon in the park' kind of stuff for local communities as a public outreach program. (many don't realize when they sign for the item they signed to maintain it in a manner to which it will not...
  8. Capt Pat

    Some very strange wiley coyote contraptions: caspian sea monster and underwater aircraft carrier

    The I-400's were all sunk of Hawaii to keep the Soviets from looking them over, (slowed them up, didn't stop them thanks to the Germans they caught) the resting places of them is just of late coming to be known but all are quite deep. The US military is looking seriously into re-introducing...
  9. Capt Pat

    Steel Soldiers, users age

    Thanks its true, just had a doctors appt this after, he said he doesn't know what I'm doing to keep things as good as they are (and I don't think I really want to tell him, he can't take a joke) but that I should keep it up. (the real reason I'm still here, being a Navy Diver, when I die, I'm...
  10. Capt Pat

    Steel Soldiers, users age

    At 71 I'm being dragged kicking and screaming into senior living. I'm certain the 'sturgeon' that did my Wipple for the pancreatic cancer played a trick on me and installed a switch in my "posterior' because after three to four hours work if I sit down, my eyes automatically close. But gotta...
  11. Capt Pat

    WHAT DID I BUY?..WHAT IS IT?..57mm?

    alot of these were later used as saluting guns. Do your self a favor, don't mess too much with that breech, the BATF&E consider even at its age and with the lack of suitable casings, a "device of mass destruction" as its breech loading. (no regs really for muzzle loading guns, our outfit has...
  12. Capt Pat

    Hi nw Ohio

    Hi Graytown, Welcome to the 'madness'. You know the Ottawa County Veterans Service Office hosts an outreach program either at the fairgrounds or convention center at Camp Perry, and they like historic vehicles being there. Our outfit, Firelands Military Vehicle Group across the bridge in...
  13. Capt Pat

    CANCELLED: Kelley's Island, Ohio "Navy Days" festival

    Well, it had to happen. The "Soft Opening" of the Lake Erie Islands to summer started Memorial Day Weekend, and NOBODY took the 'social distancing' seriously. (like anybody is going to when they';re in the Roundhouse Bar or in Frosty's for pizza and beer on Put-in-Bay) But the powers that be...
  14. Capt Pat

    CANCELLED: Kelley's Island, Ohio "Navy Days" festival

    The landing boats LCM-8's were Naval Reserve stationed in Cleveland then transferred to Buffalo when their LCU went back active duty. The boats were excess after that and we ended up with them to train Naval Sea Cadets and Sea Scouts. (we being the Firelands Military Vehicle Group) But there...
  15. Capt Pat

    CANCELLED: Kelley's Island, Ohio "Navy Days" festival

    The second Kelley's Island "Navy Days" maritime festival will be held Father's Day Weekend, June 20-21 2020 on Kelley's Island. They are inviting military vehicle owners to bring their vehicles to the island for the event. Its both days, Saturday and Sunday, but the parade will most likely be...
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