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  1. cbrTodd

    Can't Upgrade My Account?

    My paid membership expires in the Spring so I would like to buy another couple years now during the membership drive. However, under the 'upgrade' tab the only thing available is the vendor account which I don't need. Is there a way I can add more time now while it is cheaper and gets me a...
  2. cbrTodd

    Cargo Bed Shortening

    I've seen a few pictures showing where folks have shortened cargo beds, but I thought I would share how I did it. There are many ways to achieve this - this is just how I made a 14 foot cargo bed from an M923A2 fit on my deuce. As you can see, the bed overhang was quite large, and it just...
  3. cbrTodd

    6BT to Spicer 3053a Flywheel Housing Information

    I wanted to clarify some additional information on adapting a Cummins 6BT engine to the Spicer 3053a transmission in an M35A2. This came up in another thread, so to avoid derailing that thread I started this new one. A link to the original thread is below...
  4. cbrTodd

    M939 Spare Tire Davit Extension Question - Different Diameter Than A1 / A2?

    I'm needing a spare tire davit extension to fit in an A1 davit, but I'm seeing some sources that say that an M939 extension won't work for an A1 / A2. All I can find for sale online match the M939 part number. Does anyone know if the davit extension on an M939 is the same outer diameter as one...
  5. cbrTodd

    A Word of Caution About Organic Acid Type Coolants

    The subject of this post is my 1990 M923A2 with the Cummins 6CTA 8.3 engine. It was a 2009 "rebuild" at Kansas, including a tag on the front of the engine that says it has standard bore liners and standard size main / rod journals. When I bought the truck from GL in the fall of 2013, it had the...
  6. cbrTodd

    M923A2 Pinion Seal Replacement Troubles - Requesting Advice

    I've been fighting some pinion seal leaks on the front pinion seal of the middle axle on my M923A2 truck, and am at the point where I'd like to make sure I'm not missing something obvious. My truck was a ~2011 rebuild at Kansas. When I got it, there was a very slow leak at the front pinion seal...
  7. cbrTodd

    MEP-006A Issues

    I do some volunteer work with a Christian camp near where I live, and they have asked me to assist with getting their backup generator operational. It is an MEP-006A unit, obtained through a FEMA grant. They had it installed a few years ago and the power company connected it by a manual transfer...
  8. cbrTodd

    My Build Thread: M909 Recreational Vehicle

    As I mentioned in my new member introduction thread, my first military vehicle was my M109A3. Mid way through the rust repair on the van body itself, which was desperately needed prior to my intended camper conversion, I purchased an M923A2 from GovLiquidation and changed my plans a bit. I...
  9. cbrTodd

    Somewhat new member from Indiana

    I've been a member here for a while now but I realized I've never actually introduced myself. My name is Todd, and I contracted the Green Iron Disease when a friend of mine took me for a ride in his M35A2. When he later decided to sell his M109A3, I just had to have it. I started the process of...
  10. cbrTodd

    Tire Balancing Beads in Beadlock MRAP Wheel and Tire Combo

    I've done a ton of searching, but I can't seem to find answers about some specific aspects of using tire balancing beads in MRAP wheels. I am in the process of putting MRAP wheels with Michelin XZL tires onto my M109A3. According to one of the gentlemen that sold me some wheels and tires, they...
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