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  1. rtrask

    Index of topics in "SEE HMMH HME Owners"

    SEE HMMH HME Owners The number under the topic is the post number, to convert to the page divide by 20 and add 1 to the value. So for example: for discussion on fabrication 9/20 = 0 + 1 or page 1 for NAPA oil and fuel filters 31 / 20 = 1 + 1 or page 2...
  2. rtrask

    Redux: MEP 803a no power to main lugs

    I have very similar symptoms to this thread: MEP 803a no power to main lugs My generator is not outputting any current at the main lugs but is at the convenience receptacle as described on the above thread. I believe that it was putting out current at the main lugs last spring after I got all...
  3. rtrask

    What's best way to use the SEE to unload a 40' shipping container

    I have a friend that is hauling a 40' high cube shipping container for me. He has a new trailer and worried about damaging the trailer when we unload. I told him there is no way we are going to just lift it off. The easiest way but likely most expensive would be to buy some OSB sheets to...
  4. rtrask

    What is a good mobile set up for using my MEP 803A

    There has to be a number of threads on this, but I have not been able to locate one. So I apologize in advance. What I am looking for is an appropriate way to use the generator when in the back country, a hunting camp for example. Rather than every body running their own noisy generator I...
  5. rtrask

    Help me diagnose my fuel issue

    Unlike a lot of you I have been relatively lucky with my fuel issues, I guess it is my turn now. When I bought my SEE, I had it delivered to my house in the city so that I could work on it. At that time it seemed to start and run just fine on the snake oil that was in the tank ( I assume JP8 )...
  6. rtrask

    I bought a "Not operationally checked" MEP-803A what can I expect?

    I bought one of the GP MEP-803A gensets. It was sold "Not operationally checked", so it is a bit of a crap shoot. I was wondering if anyone else is willing to share their experiences with buying one of these. I have been going through the MEP-803A threads, and I ordered filters oil belt etc. and...
  7. rtrask

    Trailer lights on MEP-803A trailer

    For better or worse I am now the owner of a trailer mounted MEP-803A gen set. It is close to where I live, so I intend to row it. I know it will be slow going, but like I said I don't have far to go. The pintel hitch is easy to deal with, and I can splice in a different electrical connector...
  8. rtrask

    After market dust covers and grease zerks on Drag Link and Tie Rod ball joints.

    The dust covers on my SEE were toast when I got it, and I believe this is a common condition. The cost of the dust covers is nominal, but to replace the ball joint is not cheap. The actual ball joints in my case are in great shape, but will not remain that way without fixing this. The problem...
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