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  1. bassetdeuce

    Wood M818 Model - WOW

    Has anyone seen this? Not mine, apparently this guy is in Korea. Amazing skill to be sure.
  2. bassetdeuce

    Help (SOS) for flyusn99

    SOS for my friend, flyusn99, who is recovering his deuce from Eastern Surplus, driving to Jacksonville Florida. He just called me and said that his truck is losing electrical juice, battery guage sinking to zero. According to him, alternator belts are o.k., connections at the batteries are...
  3. bassetdeuce

    Has anyone ever pulled throttle instead of engine stop?

    Please tell me that someone else has done this. Park the deuce. Set emergency brake. Unbuckle seatbelt. Rotate electrical to off. Grab one of those t shaped controls and give it a firm yank. Proceed to crap pants as multi howls to the moon. Quickly shove in throttle handle after 5 seconds...
  4. bassetdeuce

    M818 transmission rear seal

    I couldnt find a TM for the 5 ton transmission, 6353 spicer? I need to replace a leaky rear seal so could someone tell me if Im on the right track? 1. Remove the short drive shaft that goes from the transmission to the transfer by removing flange bolts on both ends. 2. Take cotter pin and nut...
  5. bassetdeuce

    Attn Florida: GL is charging for SF97s

    Just talked to Tabetha at GL today and found out that I'm going to be charged $60 for each title on the truck and trailer I won at Redstone. Is this right? This didn't happen three months ago when I got my deuce. She said that the only time us Floridians wont be charged the $60 fee per title...
  6. bassetdeuce

    Area around Ft Jackson?

    Well, it looks like I'm going to have to use Campbells wrecker service to get my deuce off of Ft Jackson. The problem is where to take it, because I want to bleed brakes/check everything before hittin the road (to JAX FL). Does anyone know of a good place nearby for me and my dad to work on...
  7. bassetdeuce

    Floridian checkin in with a VIN question

    I recently won a deuce on GL and wanted to be sure about the VIN. The description listed: SERIAL NUMBER: 04K-45071-0525-22847 Am I right to assume 04K-45071 is the reg number and 0525-22847 is the serial number/VIN ? GL just gives a very general description (M35A2 WO/W, ...), so if...
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