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  1. wilfreeman

    Anyone near Conyers, GA that can look at a Jeep trailer

    I won an auction through Govdeals yesterday for an M762 trailer. I am planning on picking it up on Monday or Tuesday. My primary plan is to take 2 wheels with good tires along with tools and wheel bearing grease. Remove/clean/repack bearings, change wheels/tires and pull it home (246 miles)...
  2. wilfreeman

    What should I pay for it?

    I have a chance to buy an M715 from a local feed and seed store owner. It has been sitting, uncovered for about 6-7yrs. It has a factory winch. It has been converted to 12v. Modifications include a couple of lights added to the hood, a couple of light bars (and lights) welded to the bed, custom...
  3. wilfreeman

    5/6/17: Chester SC need MV entries

    Wesley Memorial UMC is having its first annual car show next month and is wanting to include an HMV division. Entry fee is a "Love Offering" to the church.
  4. wilfreeman

    2015 April 17-19th Denton NC Buy/Sell/Trade thread

    Okay, we are 7 weeks out on the 2015 Denton NC show/rally. If you have anything for sale or trade, post it up on this thread. Of course, remember that there are no live weapons to be sold or traded.I would prefer that ammo sales not even be mentioned - keep it to yourselves if you are going to...
  5. wilfreeman

    M100 resto finally started

    I bought my M100 a little over 5 yrs ago - on Easter day actually - for $200! I brought it home and cleaned it up. I did a little bit of light sanding to see what numbers I could dig up. I found a USA number that started with a W - not consistent with what others have (with known "correct" tub...
  6. wilfreeman

    1954 xm215 parts truck on Columbia, SC cl - cheap

    Just ran across it if any of you guys need parts. He stated he can get $500 scrap - make an offer. Located in Pageland, NC
  7. wilfreeman

    Denton, NC rally set for April 11-13, 2014

    Just a reminder. If you haven't been following the main thread, here is the link: There is also a For sale/trade/WTB thread here...
  8. wilfreeman

    2014 Denton, NC rally: Parts For sale/WTB/WTT thread

    Post up your parts or vehicles that you have for sale or your wish list here. Here is the link to the official Denton, NC Rally information thread:
  9. wilfreeman

    Denton, NC rally set for April 11-13, 2014

    According to the MVPA Events calendar, the Denton, NC Steel Soldiers rally is set for April 11-13th this year, although many show up on the 10th. It will be held at Denton Farmpark Here's the links to the 2012 and 2013 threads...
  10. wilfreeman

    Can you get scratches out of semigloss OD?

    I have some real light scratches (they are really only scuff marks) on my M38a1. It is painted 24087 OD. I tried buffing them with a soft cloth. I didn't want to try anything else until I consulted with the forum. Has anybody had success using any other methods?
  11. wilfreeman

    M105 questions for South Carolina owners

    Alright, I FINALLY got the deuce insured (well, pretty sure - she is supposed to be emailing the policy info shortly) through Gulfway. Now, I won an M105a2 on GL yesterday (waiting on the invoice on that). My questions are: 1)Does this trailer have to be registered and tagged in SC? 2)Does the...
  12. wilfreeman

    Need a preview at Ft. Gordan

    If anyone can possibly do a preview for me at ft gordan, please PM or email me. Sorry for the late notice, but it has to be done today - auction ends tomorrow. THANKS
  13. wilfreeman

    Antenna mount ID needed

    Can anybody identify this antenna mount? It came with a bunch of radios and power supplies I bought from a fellow G503 member. It looks like a very well made mount, but not a production piece. So, can someone identify it, or did bubba make it?
  14. wilfreeman

    Willysmjeeps forums to be closed

    We, over at, just got the announcement from Wes and Ryan that the forum will be shutting down. This was spurred by way too many spam applications, resulting in way too much time having to be spent on administration. The website is free, therefore there is no...
  15. wilfreeman

    Questions about registration/insurance and 5 ton retrieval in SC

    Hi guys! OK, I'm sure this has been asked, but I am in kindof a hurry here. This is for you guys in SC that own 5 tons in SC. I (actually, my brother) is looking at a 5 ton auction that is ending tomorrow in Eastover - a last minute thing on his part. The auction video shows it running/driving...
  16. wilfreeman

    Ammo can cb

    Hi Guys, I am thinking about mounting a small cb (about 5" wide, 2" thick and 7" long) in a .50 cal ammo can. BUT - I want it self contained (except for the antenna), which got me thinking about mounting a lawnmower battery in there to power it. I haven't bought anything yet - just...
  17. wilfreeman

    Paint and markings - DONE (almost)

    Well, I went to the body shop Friday and sanded her. Saturday I went and taped and painted her. Today I painted on her markings. I had one BIG screw up on the hood (you'll have to read and see it on my blog - I'm not typing all that again), and will have a few small touch ups on some of the...
  18. wilfreeman

    Is a CUCV right for me?

    Been wanting one since I was in the Army and drove one. Now, my old pickup is in need of some work on the brakes and interior (1992 Chev. K1500 Silverado, 305, 5spd), and now would be a perfect time to "justify"buying a CUCV to the wife. I mainly use my truck to haul trash off, pull the...
  19. wilfreeman

    MVPA 2012 ALCAN Convoy sighting

    I don't know if this is in the right forum or not, but here goes. My Father in Law is in Wyoming on a business trip and just ran up on the ALCAN Convoy. They were stopped, so he stopped and talked to them for a minute and took some pics. He sent me this pic, and said he would send more when he...
  20. wilfreeman

    Almost Done!

    Hey guys, I thought I would share a couple of pics from today - another milestone in my resto. Dave (Pizzoferrato) from Weebee Webbing came down and picked up his M416 today and brought my new winter enclosure (minus doors). As soon as he left, I pulled the Jeep out of the shop and started...
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