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  1. Gamble

    White smoke startup 6.5

    I had this issue until I replaced the control box. Truck would start after a few cranks but I would get lots and lots of white smoke. Troubleshot everything and it boiled down to the control box. I replaced that and the smoke was gone.
  2. Gamble

    What is the difference in the driving experience between the A2 trucks and the REV trucks?

    Can someone describe the difference in the driving experience between the A2 trucks vs the REV trucks? Handling, acceleration, braking, etc. I've heard the REV trucks run at higher RPMs in routine driving than the A2 trucks but I'm not certain. Do the REV trucks feel not as quick as people...
  3. Gamble

    Wheel and tire questions

    If you go with 20 inch wheels, the world opens up to you with tire choices. I think 40s are the perfect size tires and 13.5 width are optimal. There is a 15.5 width but that may cause some issues with fitment. Also, if you're running after market wheels, BE SURE you inspect the lug nuts...
  4. Gamble

    HMMWVs in Ukraine, intense video

    That guy Yuri is an interesting story. He has lived in America for years. Not sure if he was born here with Ukrainian ancestry or if he moved here when he was young. Either way, he saw the conflict starting and began shipping guns and ammo back home. Then when it kicked off, he flew back from...
  5. Gamble

    Rhinolift Tire Carrier for a M1045A2?

    1045a2 didn't come from factory with airlift bumper. Install one and Yes, the Rhino is the way to go.
  6. Gamble

    Are all good trucks gone?

    There were over 800 watchers. It was crazy. I hope it wasn't the result of the Pawn Stars show reaching people and making them curious about the auctions
  7. Gamble

    Are all good trucks gone?

    So then I assume this means there will be far less trucks coming to DLA for future auctions. Is this a correct assumption or are there just so many 1000s of trucks still in use that the auctions will be stocked for years to come?
  8. Gamble

    REV truck?

    I would have thought the maintenance on a REV truck cheaper as the parts are current. Guess not.
  9. Gamble

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Holy shit that's amazing. Where is that? How are you able to capture that?
  10. Gamble

    Are all good trucks gone?

  11. Gamble

    Gamble finally finished his truck! A 2 year labor of love. Thank you Everyone!

    Hello all, I finally finished all of the big work I wanted to get done on my truck. I just finished the carpet today. As we all know the work is never quite complete but this is a massive milestone for me and I want to thank everyone on the board that has helped me get to this point. I want to...
  12. Gamble

    Some people just do weird stuff with their HMMWV

    Smells like freedom to me.
  13. Gamble

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Man...that's so dope. Your backyard :) and truck are amazing
  14. Gamble

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Got the folks over at Predator to install the rock rails with the machined out steps. Great guys and great work.
  15. Gamble

    Companies that rebuild these.

    Don't let anyone dissuade you. If you want a HMMWV and want to add creature comforts then do it. It's your truck and your happiness. Do what you like and have some fun. Btw, HMMWVs crush jeeps in all aspects that matter. Just my unbiased opinion. 😉
  16. Gamble

    Companies that rebuild these.

    Dont forget our own... Retired Warhorses, who is the most knowledgeable of all of these shops, in my opinion and Ive purchased parts or services from all of them. Otherwise, I think you hit most of them. Oh there is a guy out in Illinois. I think his company is Military Truck Works. There is...
  17. Gamble

    rear seat bases

    Does anyone have the latch attachments to the seat bases for a 10XX truck rear passenger seat?
  18. Gamble

    Interesting Response from Vermont DECLINING my HMMWV Registration

    Yep, that would work.
  19. Gamble

    Interesting Response from Vermont DECLINING my HMMWV Registration

    Whats needed is a friendly Highway Patrol Officer willing to issue a 17 Digit VIN to HMMWVs. Then Voila, like magic, all of these issues go away. This VT thing is scary though.
  20. Gamble

    WARNING aftermarket doors from Global Parts

    Looks like they're back and with a NY address
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