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  1. SSG Gibb

    M998 half door from PA/VA to SC

    looking to save some cash for Ryan (an SS member) on an M998 Half door Not very heavy but shipping is more then he wants to put out. the door is in PA but can be brought to Ft. Belvoir and Needs to end up in Simpsonville SC 29681. Please let me know if you can help. Respectfully Gibb
  2. SSG Gibb

    #7 Bomb crane from Bristol WI To Pa 17961

    After several years of searching I found the crane I've been looking for, Not I need to find a way to get it from Bristol WI 53104 to Pa 17961. Seller is able to load. Anyone coming my way? I'm going to look up weight and dimensions But the main beam is 11ft. long and the U-beam in the middle is...
  3. SSG Gibb

    Putting feelers out IN to pa 603 miles

    Contimplating buying an M52 tractor it's in IN I'm in Pa anyone know of a shipper that would be able to help me out please PM Price would be nice as well. brachgibbons @ Thanks Gibb
  4. SSG Gibb

    lift gate from 33334 to Sussex or Aberdeen?

    Their is a Gentleman in Fl who has a lift gate for a deuce that I'd love to to put my deuce, only issue is transport. this tailgate should fit in a 105 trailer with ease. I'm waiting on a response for weight. I'd be happy to help with fuel. PM if u can help. SSG Gibb
  5. SSG Gibb

    M107 1953 "water" trailer Paint/liner

    So I've got this M107 it's in good shape for the years it's been around. I planned on using it to store my WMO but am concerned that the "Paint" lining that is flaking up will melt mix in with gasoline, kerosine, tranny fluid ETC. Has anyone had any experience in this department? Any help would...
  6. SSG Gibb

    Pa 17961 to Dracut, Massachusetts

    Is anyone heading up to or close to Dracut, Massachusetts? I bought an M51 up there and need a lift to pick it up. I'm trying to do this on the Cheap, but I would have No problems throwing in for gas. I just don't want to sit for a ten hour Layover in NYC on Grey-Hound. Would like to get up...
  7. SSG Gibb

    WTB rear Deuce leaf springs

    What should I expect to pay for New Rear leaf springs for my M35a2, and about how much for for good used, fabricated ECT... I live in 17929 any info I'd be Much obliged.:whistle: Gibby
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