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  1. ah64pilot

    Montana Rally Spring 2015 ???

    Have 20 Acres up in the Great Falls are! Camps and have power if that will work? Not trying to snipe but if Billings Falls thru I'll put my place up ! Thanks
  2. ah64pilot

    In the MD area and will be going east

    In theMD area hopefully to pickup my trailer. Anyone need anything hauled that way ?
  3. ah64pilot

    Can I connect a 12V hoist pump across 24V on my bobbed M35 dump conversion.????

    Yes if you have a very high draw. That Can be read with a AMP Probe. Even then you can rotate the leads of the batteries. We done this in AFG to run stereo's and everything else that the soldiers could get there hands on. The best is to get the right equipment! I agree.
  4. ah64pilot

    M35A2 batteries???

    What it means is hook your negative from your 12V vehicle to the negative of your two batteries. ( NEG of NEG-POS-NEG ). Then hook the POS jumper cable of your 12v vehicle to the POS of the same battery that you have your NEG jumper cable is hooked too.It will be the jumper between the...
  5. ah64pilot

    Can I connect a 12V hoist pump across 24V on my bobbed M35 dump conversion.????

    You run off one battery yes and it is one of the two in series for 24V. Take a volt meter and check if you put the probes across the two terminals for the truck you get 24V. Now put the probes across just one battery you have your 12V I have bee putting 12V accessories on all my Mil equipment...
  6. ah64pilot

    Allison 1545 Automatic Transmission Specs

    Link is dead ?
  7. ah64pilot

    BFR Metals, Salina Kansas, a Goodie Hole

    Any Hard tops for the 2.5 ton ? Thanks
  8. ah64pilot

    New Castle, DE

    When will you be picking up your trucks ? Looks like I'll be heading that way !!
  9. ah64pilot

    New Castle, DE

    That Mit work at at least to get it of post...Still working on shipping!!! I may have to take a trip!!
  10. ah64pilot

    New Castle, DE

    If anyone is coming this way I can meet up just about any where. I just do not have the extra time for the whole trip. Denver is fine ? Ohio, Kansas .......etc.
  11. ah64pilot

    Devils Lake to Montana this week.

    Trip done and back home!!
  12. ah64pilot

    New Castle, DE

    Thanks I will have 10 days toget it out of there but right now I don't have a shipper! So we'll see what comes up !! Thanks Curt
  13. ah64pilot

    New Castle, DE

    Screwed up today and bid on the wrong trailer! I am looking for someone to move a M105A3 off post until I can arange pickup! Any one close ? Will pay for the move and I hope it will not be more then a couple of weeks before pickup< Thanks Curt The Trailer is in New Castle, DE
  14. ah64pilot

    Devils Lake to Montana this week.

    Picking up a M35A3 in Devils Lake. anyone around this week before the holiday ?? Need anything hauled out that way ? Will have a M1009 and a M101A2 trailer. Curt;)
  15. ah64pilot

    cost of ownership (the real cost of a deuce)

    OMG this is so true!!!!!!
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