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    M1010 will not start.....

    A few months ago I ran into a strange issue. When I would start my CUCV I would smell an electrical burnt plastic smell. I knew instantly it was my Glow Plug card. So I disconeected it and continued on my daily travels. I parked the vehicle and pulled the card. No issues except every time I...

    Project m1010

    So as a few of you know I picked up my new M1010 this week. I won it on Govplanet and it had a code of A1. Well she's no A1. But close enough that I took her anyway. She has 2408 original miles on her. Yes only 2408. NOT 102,408. The condition of everyday wear items prove that as well as...

    Picked up my M1010. Road trip pics!

    Its been a crazy 3 days but I have my M1010 home safe and sound. 1083 miles on the rental truck in one day. Here are the pics of the road trip

    Found me a M1010

    My New to me M1010. She has 2408 original miles. Just sat in the sun. Dash board is sun baked. Missing some dash parts and trim. Seats look good just dusty. She needs a good wash to get rid of all the New Mexico blown in dust. Cant wait to pick her up. She is also missing the outer A/C...

    I had an Electrical fire!

    Well this year has not exactly been stellar for me and today was the icing on the cake. We sold my New Truck and picked up the wife a used Jeep to help on the Bills side of things. I told her I would keep my M1028 as my daily driver. She has been great for sure. Today after picking up a...

    Who is missing a CUCV fuel cap?

    If you are in need of a fuel cap please post here and how it was lost. This is for people who really need a fuel cap. As in it was stolen or left at the fuel station on fill up ect and you are driving/parked without one. Thanks.

    CUCV Fuel cap?

    Does anyone know who carries or has a CUCV Fuel cap available for sale? Im adding a seond and third tank and would like to run the same type cap. Thanks.

    Suburban springs on M1028?

    Will a set of 3/4 suburban springs from same year as my M1028 fit on my M1028? I measered the width at 2 1/2" but cant tell if they are the same length as mine are on a shackle flip and the suburban is stock.

    Balancing 12 bolt wheels?

    I happen to have the newer style 12 bolt wheels. There is an alignment hole used to center the rim halves together. Looks like the military wasn't big on getting these holes exactly centered. This will definitely throw off the balance of a tire if there not aligned correctly. Other than that...
  10. WARWAG

    12 bolt wheel alignment hole tool?

    Is there a tool that is used to align the two halves of the newer style (2000) 12 bolt wheels? Just had a shop "re balance" my wheels and they are not BALANCED! I suspect and can see the two alignment holes are slightly off. Also can the older style alignment washers be used on these newer...
  11. WARWAG

    Shopping around for new engine. Would like some pointers.

    I have an 86 M1028 with a 6.2 with 54,XXX original miles (On the truck at least). The engine has a HMMWV oil pan I'm told. So I am not sure if its the original engine but suspect it is. I'm looking into replacing the engine with a P400. I have seen ratings from 190 NA up to 250 HP (Turbo)...
  12. WARWAG

    Yukon hubs and Off Road Designs customer service problem.

    Today was a very disappointing day for me. As you all know I spent some serious coin and picked up everything I needed to rebuild my Dana 60 King Pin axle. $1200 on parts and about $600 on labor and I had all new bearings seals king pins stage 8 lock nuts, 35 spline Yukon Chromolly Axles and...
  13. WARWAG

    BRDM-2 in the Movies and TV

    Ultimate Force. TV Series in the UK: Best part starts at 12:36 2nd best part starts at 21:40
  14. WARWAG


    I just chunked down just under $1200 and ordered everything I need to upgrade and rebuild my King Pin Dana 60. I will open and inspect the differential. If everything looks good I will replace the diff cover with a HD unit and replace the gear lube with AmsOil gear lube. Of course that will...
  15. WARWAG

    New HMMWV for the troops? Spotted in Michigan.

    Pretty cool. Never seen ione before. Anyone else?
  16. WARWAG

    Stolen Recovery Shackle

    Need help in finding one front recovery shackle and pin. Someone stole one of mine off of my M1028.:cookoo: I looked on Ebay but I think those are for a diffrent military vehicle as the pin mount is offset from center. Appreciate any help. Thanks.
  17. WARWAG

    Looking for DANA 60 Dually hubs and Corp14 dually hubs

    I am trying to locate a set of Dana 60 Dually hubs and Corp 14 bolt dually hubs. I want to to go with a bit wider stance and the spacers are just not wide enough. Anyone know where I can find some? Ive been looking on Ebay and the one on there are cr@p! Thanks for any help.
  18. WARWAG

    4L80E in CUCV

    Well as some of you know I travel all over this Great Country of ours for work. Ive been in almost every town and have planted seismic stations about every 40 square miles from the West Coast to so far just East of the Mississippi. In my travels I sometimes come across to good of a deal to pass...
  19. WARWAG

    RPK fits CUCV gun rack

    Hey guys. Well today I picked up two RPKs and just for ****s and giggles I wanted to see if they would fit in my M1208 gun rack. Fit like a glove. In fact better than an M4 or M16. ZERO rattles.
  20. WARWAG

    M1028 498 mile road trip

    Well I drove my M1028 from Ely Nevada to Prescott Arizona. My camera unfortunately did not make it into my bag.:mad: We headed out of Ely at about 7 pm. We stopped about every two hours and checked the vehicle. She did very well. I had about 1500 lbs of heavy gauge wire mesh, T posts and metal...
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