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  1. Bill Nutting

    Slow Down an M37

    You can run at idle in first gear, low range and it will go about as fast as you walk. I used mine In parades and just let it crawl. I rarely had to adjust my speed. If the parade stoped, I Just pushed in the clutch. When the parade resumed, I just let out the clutch. I never had give it any gas...
  2. Bill Nutting

    New From Boise, ID

    Welcome from Michigan! Stick around, you’re about to meet some really great folks. There is a wealth of knowledge here. BTW, that’s a good looking truck.
  3. Bill Nutting

    New member from Texas M1097R

    Howdy, welcome to the site from Michigan.
  4. Bill Nutting

    What do you build?

    I’d like to know more about your alt brackets for 900 series. I would like to add a 12 volt alternator to my Commins NCH250. Are you planning on selling these brackets?
  5. Bill Nutting


    Welcome aboard! You just found the best site for this hobby.
  6. Bill Nutting


    I’ve been using these Battery Tenders for years. I had my M37 for twenty years and replaced the batteries once. This truck sat most of the time but the batteries were always ready to start the truck. I have a 24v Battery Tender installed in my M934. It also has a 12 v tender for the 12 v system...
  7. Bill Nutting

    1968 Mack M123A1C 10 ton Tank Transporter

    If this truck runs and stops, why not drive it home? Seems like it would cost a lot less even with a few motel rooms along the way…
  8. Bill Nutting

    Steel Soldiers giveaway sponsored by

    Thanks for supporting us Hawker!
  9. Bill Nutting

    M1088 camper conversion

    A water pressure regulator is a must in my opinion. I paid something like $65.00 for one from They have a veriety of them some are fixed pressure. Mine is adjustable and has a pressure gauge. I figured if it saves my plumbing once, it was cheap insurance. BTW, if you use a Flojet...
  10. Bill Nutting

    Findlay Ohio 2022 show, Sell, Trade, Wanted List/ May19-22

    There is a drivers side running board NOS, a headlight bucket NOS. Plus a box of small stuff. I’ll sort it out when I set up my tables.
  11. Bill Nutting

    Findlay Ohio 2022 show, Sell, Trade, Wanted List/ May19-22

    I’ll be at Findlay Wed Thru Sun.. I’m selling a lot of stuff I have collected over the years. Like: A 32’, three axel covered vehicle trailer An air ride seat for a 900 series 30 cal 1919A4 propane machine gun with tanks and regulators 900 series stock drivers seat. Some M37 stuff Some M151...
  12. Bill Nutting

    Bertha is apparently jealous of the attention I'm giving the M37.(Torque bar separation)

    A friend of mine drilled and taped a hole in the center of rod that surrounds the rubber. He cut some "washers" out of 1/4" plate that covered the end of the bushing and bolted it on. If the rubber fails, the washer holds it all together. I've been thinking about doing mine this way. Edit: I may...
  13. Bill Nutting

    How to- MRAP Eyecon Light kit install on M923A2

    Point that truck at a dark stage and you have a rock concert! Have you heard anything from NASA? I’m sure they can see Bertha from the space station… Nice job fitting those lights to your 5ton. I especially like your solution to the solenoid issue!
  14. Bill Nutting

    Can't get the engine to idle

    How much fuel is in the tank?
  15. Bill Nutting

    Any member near Wales, Mi?

    Sorry I wasn’t able to pitch in. I haven’t been on the site for a while.
  16. Bill Nutting

    Lurker who finally hit register

    We still the small parts to mount up this spring and stencils. The museum is taking care of the stencils. When this project is complete we have M109 to do for them.
  17. Bill Nutting

    Rick Larsen's Military Stencils

    Is his wife okay?
  18. Bill Nutting

    Can't get the engine to idle

    When I bought my 934 it had sat in a lot for eight years. There was no water in the fuel but the truck ran bad. It could hardly pull itself up a mild grade. We dove it 1,000 miles home putting fuel additives in at every fill. By the time we got home it was flying up those hills. I would suggest...
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