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    Im completely lost

    Unfortunately I haven't been on here in a few years or maybe it is fortunate because I haven't had any issues! Warning this could be a long winded post. A couple of weeks ago I was getting belt squeal and noticed when it did happen my generator was over charging the battery. After trying the...
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    2 Man Cargo divider

    Before I get flamed I have done an exhaustive search both here and on Google. Being that everyone is doing a 2 to 4 man conversion what I thought would be a simple question is alot more difficult to find an answer too. That being said, I am doing a 4man to 2man because I need a longer bed...
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    Thermostat gasket

    Just replaced the thermostat gasket cuz it was leaking a bit. Now its pouring out! The gasket which is a direct replacement isnt fitting as well as it should. anyone run in to this? Im about to just use liquid gasket but wanted to see if there is a better way first.
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    Stuck heater temp knob

    Anyone have a stuck knob for the temp control for the heater? Went to defrost this morning and its stuck in the pushed in position. Before I start pulling on it harder than I should I figured I see if there's an easy fix first. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
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    Air Snorkel Whistling

    Is it normal to have the air snorkel whistle when driving between 50-55? it only does it in that speed range and stops as soon as you take your foot of the accelerator....
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    Trouble Starting After No Issues Yesterday

    First of all thanks in advance. Yesterday started the truck up (it was cold in the morning) and cranked over a little rough after not being started in over two weeks. This morning go to start it and the wait light is not on and it wont crank over. Exhaust does come out of the pipe as if it is...
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    Humvees in the winter

    I haven't seen a winter in the truck yet. What can I expect? Hows the heater (in cab) typically? Ease of starting? Anyone use an engine coolant heater? Are the winterization kits worth the crazy expense? All feedback welcome!
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    4 Man Soft Top removal

    This seems like a dumb question but I went to remove the top today to give it a good scrubbing since I have never before. There seems to be either a rubber seal or some adhesive after I removed all the screws. Figured I post on here before I push my luck and break something.
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    Back up Lights

    What are people doing for backup lights if anything? I'd like to be able to go into reverse in less than ideal lighting conditions. Looking around for ideas.
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