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  1. Light in the Dark

    Manual oil pressure gauge

    My searching skills are failing me now... a user here had posted up a real slick manual oil pressure gauge install with a T at the sender.., believe it was on an 802. Does anyone recall that thread, or can link to it? Considering putting one in my unicorn. Thanks
  2. Light in the Dark

    Unicorns are real.... NOS MEP-802A

    Chaps, I didn't think it was possible. I was fortunate enough to be able to acquire 2 NOS MEP-802A units. These are honest to goodness, never fielded units as best I can tell. They still have the original tape over sheet metal seams, battery connections, heck... one of them retained part of the...
  3. Light in the Dark

    MEP-802/803 glow plugs

    Does anyone keep a spare set of plugs in their backup stock of parts? Its one of those things that rarely fail... but is often overlooked.
  4. Light in the Dark

    Algae in Generator Fuel

    I don't know how, but in buttoning up my 802 yesterday for the incoming storm, I refilled the unit with new fuel... only to see the bottom of the mesh strainer covered in algae goop. I overtreat my fuel (like double all manufacturer dose recommendations), so I am not entirely sure how it grew...
  5. Light in the Dark

    Turkey day outage

    Got the winds today, currently roasting off the 802. Happy turkey day all.
  6. Light in the Dark

    Fire extinguisher for MEP gensets

    Getting to be that time of year where we all should cross our Ts and dot our Is. Make sure you have a proper fire extinguisher for your genset.
  7. Light in the Dark

    For those that run Rotella in their MEPs

    You can save up to $7 a gallon by rebate.
  8. Light in the Dark

    Time to stock up on filters

    Tariffs have been causing filter prices to go up and up. Just got a notification from Fleet Filter: "From Thursday to Sunday - we are having a... 4th of July FILTER SALE !! You don't need a coupon code - the discounts are automatic! All orders up to $200 will receive a 15% discount All...
  9. Light in the Dark

    Spider box promo

    For anyone that might need some temporary power solutions, Northern Tool is running a promo on their spider boxes right now Up and above that, they are offering gift cards...
  10. Light in the Dark

    A great connector for MEP wiring needs

    Just thought I would share this, for anyone that has to do any splicing. I had to wire in a new connector on an older diesel F350 over the weekend, and used these: That particular model is for 16-18ga wire, but they make sizes for the...
  11. Light in the Dark

    MA MEP-803A Starter Side Replacement Door - 88-20078

    MEP-803A Replacement Doors - 88-20077 and 88-20078 Brand new manufacture to exact military specification. All components Made in the USA. Includes all custom drilled mounting holes for OEM fit and feel. All items shipped unassembled, and panel and hinges are raw finish. Hardware is either...
  12. Light in the Dark

    CA to MA

    Hopefully this flies around here, but I need help moving a long vehicle (nonmilitary) from CA to MA. I have a 1992 F350 Crew Cab Long Bed 4x4 sitting in CA, waiting for a ride to its new home here in my hands. I am striking out with these normal freight brokers online, so I turn here. Let me...
  13. Light in the Dark

    MA Operator Control Cover for MEP-802/803/804 and more! 88-20198

    Brand new manufacture to exact military specification. All components Made in the USA. Includes all custom drilled mounting holes for OEM fit and feel. All items shipped unassembled, and panel and hinges are raw finish. Hardware is either Stainless Steel or Yellow Chromate (per original...
  14. Light in the Dark

    Trailer Mounted MEPs

    Does anyone know the bolt size for the trailer mounted MEP units? I had dismounted one previously... and can't seem to find where I squirreled them away to. I definitely see them called out in the TM 9-6115-659-13&P, but not unique identifier info. Thanks for your help.
  15. Light in the Dark

    MEP-002A Oil Drain Valve source

    Any thoughts, fine SS folks? Just got a set in, and its got a long term leak in the one thats there. Edit: I will hit the manuals when I get out of work, for those naysayers ;). Just trying to get a jump on it.
  16. Light in the Dark

    MEP-805B/806B and MEP-831A owners... take a peek

    I received an email from a manufacturer who supplied parts for these gensets, that I would like to pass forward to the forum. Perhaps some of you can take advantage of their offerings (I have nothing to do this with company, nor any financial gain from it... they had actually reached out to a CL...
  17. Light in the Dark

    Has anyone come across a good equivalent coolant temp gauge for the MEPs?

    I know a Stewart Warner was crossed for the fuel gauge (as well as a VDO)... but has anyone had luck finding a coolant temp? I understand I can swap the sender out and use a different gauge, but theres got to be something​ out there that will work that isnt over $100!
  18. Light in the Dark

    MEP-831A Inverters

    I've seen so many sets come up missing this piece. Whats the deal... poor reliability on the part (so constant scavenging)? Any availability on the secondary market?
  19. Light in the Dark


    I won't say its my second home, but I know the area well Just learned the other day that the tire shop right across from the marshalling yard for auction business closed up... a shame, was a great place to fill...
  20. Light in the Dark

    What would you do differently?

    I wonder why the military chose to go with the exact square size and configuration for the sheet metal roof on these sets (the perforated area over the radiator on 802/803, etc). I always see set that have distortion here both from regular use, but also from abuse. At the end of the day, the...
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