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    Way Ahead for Kansans to on road title MV stamped Off Road Use

    Wasn't it the DLA and not GP that stamped the SF97? I just looked on GP and a bunch that sold this month plus in Dec have ORUO restriction as shown below on them, only the private sale and the former USMC HMMWV in Albany, Georgia and Yermo, California don't. Thank you for making to the...

    1952 M135

    Welcome to the club

    WTB 30mm ammo cans

    Next time on your way to OKC. they have them Calumet Industries in Calumet, Oklahoma

    Helping the Cause

    This is Dave's AAR from the Kansas Statehouse meeting yesterday I asked him to join the site to cut out the middleman.

    Way Ahead for Kansans to on road title MV stamped Off Road Use

    Well it looks like we (Kansans) dropped the ball . I found out about this on the 19th and should have passed it on but as a OS flip phone guy, away from home computer it didn't happen.

    Helping the Cause

    You can't go if you don't know, as Dave stated there are "4 MVPA chapters in Kansas" , as far as I know the KC bunch was never in formed till the 19th. There is plenty of blame to go around, we (I) should have posted here on that the meeting was even going to happen. There is already a KS...

    Saving deeply discharged Optima 51R's

    That is the same way I have used my 7200 in the supply mode, once I forgot about one I was doing and a week later found it fully charged and had switched over to the maintenance cycle on its own.

    Reconciling differences in mfg. dates - engine vs axles vs vehicle title

    Yep but only by a year or two newer that I have seen, however that doesn't stop folks from making them a time traveler! This was sold by GP as a 1971 AM General M814 5 Ton 6x6 Cargo Truck

    Reconciling differences in mfg. dates - engine vs axles vs vehicle title

    any contract numbers as they usually are correct within a year or so?

    Reconciling differences in mfg. dates - engine vs axles vs vehicle title

    Did it not have a data plate on the right side of the dash?

    Findlay Armed Forces Day show 2020 , MVPA National, May 14-17. sell, want and trade. Just to get it started. selling 15X11 pop up tent with case and floor, package is about 1/2 size of one shown in video Cots, all parts there no rips or tears $25 Storm...

    M274A5 Brought to KC....

    Nice Bill

    Fuel can markings

    Pretty sure it was up to the local command on where they were marked . Below is from You will find many styles and types of markings painted onto Jerry Cans. The most common will be a stencil in black, white, or yellow with an indication of the contents: "MOGAS"...

    Manual for M1030B1, USMC Motorcycle ?

    Litter Carrier

    There were and they were shown in the early manual, but no one that I know of has ever seen one in the flesh(35+) years. It was a piece of angle tron that attached to the side rails and had levers down the length that when turned 90 degrees would lock the stirrups of the litter to keep it from...

    Findlay Ohio, Armed Forces Day show, MVPA convention COMBO May 14-17 2020

    That's right the Findlay Military Show has combined forces with the MVPA to have the national Convention together with the Armed Forces Day Rally "same bat time same bat station"! If you had Vendor spaces last year you have squatters rights this year but need to send payment in by March 1st. It...

    Night Owl patrol help needed on light swap question

    Why are your Duece lights not working in the first place, if they don't have power or ground the others won't work either? Your 1082 lights have bulbs mine came as all LED and were omni-volt.

    difference 2 1/2 tractor trucks

    Neither had tool boxes or spare tire carriers, if you got a steer flat you used the one from trailer or one of the duals. If a dual you just pulled it till you got it fixed. Both had hi/low transfer cases.
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