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  1. 86M10086.2L

    M1009 steel brake line diameter/size

    Does anyone know what diameter the steel brake lines are on a M1009. Had a line blow out on me last night on my way to work. Not with the truck right now so I can measure myself. Trying to do some shopping for a 25-50ft roll of brake line and fittings to replace most of the lines on the truck...
  2. 86M10086.2L

    How strong is the brush guard?

    Just like the title says. How strong do you guys think the brush guard really is? I plan on installing a winch and making up a mount very similar to this one. I'd also like to run some fender bars from my rock sliders to the grille guard. Like on this Landcruiser. The question is do you think...
  3. 86M10086.2L

    Sound proofing, is it worth the money and time?

    Plain and simple as the title implies. For those who have done it or know someone who has. Was the expense/effort required in sound insulating a M1009 worth it in the end? I know how I can do it. Carpeting, dynomat or the like, bed liner etc... But did it do enough? I'm not looking to reinvent...
  4. 86M10086.2L

    Instrument light issue

    The instrument lights on the dash of my truck stopped working. Whenever you try to turn them on. The fuel gauge zeros out and the right turn signal indicator on the dash comes on. I also get a little feedback coming through the high ram indicator. All the other lights and gauges still work...
  5. 86M10086.2L

    Glow plug Voltage

    Please correct me if I'm wrong. Which I may be. But I remember reading that the original 24v Wellman 70 glow plugs actuall run on 12 volts and the civilian 12volt glow plugs run on 6 volts. Or is it straight forward 24volt and 12 volt? Can't remember where I heard that but I can't shake that...
  6. 86M10086.2L

    Rear wheel lock up while braking

    So my M1009 has developed a nasty habit of locking the right real wheel up while braking. This can happen under hard or even light braking on a dry surfaces. If I try to panic stop or stop short it'll do it every time. If I ease the brakes I can avoid it. But it's not normal style of driving to...
  7. 86M10086.2L

    Tow bar

    Does anyone here in the Long Island, New York, New Jersey or Connecticut area have a medium towbar with adapters that I could perhaps rent, borrow or for sale for a CUCV? I'm probably going to look at another M1008 next weekend and if all is good I'll be flat towing it back home. Been looking...
  8. 86M10086.2L

    TH400 Shifting Problems

    The transmission in my truck (1985 M1009 with stock gearing/axles/tires) started acting up the last week or so. First it started with my partial throttle shifts being very high. Even just lightly tapping the throttle the truck would not upshift from 1-2 and 2-3 until about 2500rpms. But if you...
  9. 86M10086.2L

    Universal Joint replacement M1009

    So after my truck developed a slight vibration and annoying squeak. I prepared myself for the inevitable failing universal joint(s). So I got my truck up on the lift, pulled the drive shaft and quickly discovered that the transfer case yoke joint was bad. Probably 1/16" of play when twisted in...
  10. 86M10086.2L

    SM465 swap in M1009

    I always wanted a manual transmission in my M1008. And the Feeling hasn't changed since I got a M1009. I don't mind rowing gears, I don't mind the effort of the swap. My question is to those who have ever successfully swapped in a Sm465 in a 1009 or 1008. How did you like it? Or if you had a...
  11. 86M10086.2L

    Is turbo mod worth it?

    I have a 1985 m1009 and previously had a 86 M1008. Both of these trucks as you know have had abizmal grade climbing performance. Especially in higher elevations. I'm not looking for duramax power levels. Or crazy performance. I just want normal vehicle performance. My old 318 dodge van that...
  12. 86M10086.2L

    Prc-77 value

    So I've been doing some research on military radios, more specifically the PRC-77 radios. I originally never really planned on getting a military radio for my truck. But for reasons unknown to myself I want one so......yeah. Not being terribly radio techno savvy I don't think I'd feel too...
  13. 86M10086.2L

    FM radio/military antenna sharing

    I have been doing some research on the subject of using a military radio antenna for a common AM/FM car stereo. I see it is possible to do this with a commercially available CB antenna with simple adapters and coaxial cable. Is there any reason it won't work with a military whip antenna? I know...
  14. 86M10086.2L

    Where are you guys getting your radio parts?

    I'm looking to do a CB with military antenna install on my M1009. From the research I have done. The AB-15 with MS-116 MS-117 MS-118 antenna sections seems to be the way to go. I have seen the antenna mounts and antenna bases on and off on auction sites. But I haven't seen antenna sections...
  15. 86M10086.2L

    Camo with a spray can?

    I find the solid green on my truck terribly boring. Its just too much green, even for a military vehicle. My last truck was woodland 3 color camo and I'd like this one to be also. It looks as if most people are doing it with spray guns or air brushes. Now I could do it both ways I have the...
  16. 86M10086.2L

    Front and Rear 2" receiver hitch install M1009

    So not being satisfied with the bolt on bumper hitch the previous owner installed. I picked up a proper frame mounted 2" hitch receiver for my M1009. Its a Curt, required no drilling, bolted on using an exsisting hole and an exsisting bolt from the rear shackle mount. Cost around $150 with...
  17. 86M10086.2L

    M1009 hardtop strength/load capacity?

    So I'm thinking of building a full roof rack/cargo basket setup for my M1009. And plan on also installing a roof top tent. My question is, does anyone have an idea of what the hardtop can handle weight wise. I know most commercially available load bars are for 300-500lbs. I will likley make my...
  18. 86M10086.2L

    Another solution to Non-returning/non-resetting windhield wiper arms

    If you are like me and the windshield wipers on your truck operate properly in all other functions but simply don't return or self park when shut off. Give this a try. In my case simply cleaning the outside electrical connections or checking grounds didn't work. I started by taking the...
  19. 86M10086.2L

    Sad day for my M1008

    So while driving to the store earlier today my engine took a dump. Threw a connecting rod or more likely a wrist pin. Luckily for me i was close enough to home to tow it myself and beat a tow fee. So now I find myself with the dilema of sell it whole, if I can find someone who wants it. Or...
  20. 86M10086.2L

    What to do about the wheels/tries on my truck

    So I'm currently running 8 bolt HMMWV double beadlock wheels and Goodyear Wrangler RT II military 36x12.5x16.5 bias ply tires on my truck. In a word, they suck. The tires bounce and give way too much negative feedback on the highway. Yes they're balanced properly, and no there's nothing wrong...
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