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    Findlay Armed Forces Day show 2020 , MVPA National, May 14-17. sell, want and trade. Just to get it started. selling 15X11 pop up tent with case and floor, package is about 1/2 size of one shown in video Cots, all parts there no rips or tears $25 Storm...

    Findlay Ohio, Armed Forces Day show, MVPA convention COMBO May 14-17 2020

    That's right the Findlay Military Show has combined forces with the MVPA to have the national Convention together with the Armed Forces Day Rally "same bat time same bat station"! If you had Vendor spaces last year you have squatters rights this year but need to send payment in by March 1st. It...

    What does this Budd lug wrench fit?

    Ok got a slew of these the other day and they looked like normal military Budd lug wrenches on the auction site that have fit MV trucks since WWII, but they are not. They dwarf a normal set and are NSN 5120-01-070-8386 and Ken-Tool P/n 40401. Socket sizes, 1-3/4in Hex & 15/16in square. TR10...

    Great american jeep & military vehicle expo! Sunday 13 october 2019

    This will be at the WWI museum at the liberty Memorial in KCMO

    Govplanet Credit Card Fees

    I got a load of 40MM cans today and just noticed a new Fee, (at least to me) a fee for using CC my invoice was total price $621. 73 as I was entering my CC info this showed up. Invoice total: US $621.73 Download invoice + 2.95% iClosing fee: US $18.34...

    2019 Findlay Oh, Armed forces day show May 17-19 Sell+ swap

    Who all is going this year? I have the same spots by Gimpy and Kip as usually. 3 more months!

    LED dash light sources

    Several threads showed up

    Mystery bracket on M200A1 trailer, what is it for, sledge hammer!

    I just picked this trailer up to move my MILIC from it's heavy M353 2.6K trailer to a lighter M200A1 @2K. I have had these trailers in the past but never seen this bracket before. The end of the threads are peened over so the wing nuts can't come off. So what is it for?

    Restoration of 3 former USAF Honda CRF100F's dirt bikes

    Got the 3 via Gov Planet out of Saraland AL and thanks to the SS express got to my house in record time. These like a lot of things the US Special Operations (USSOCOM)folks use these were COTS (civilian of the shelf) by way of a GSA contractor Military, these are the same guys who did my...

    military dirt bikes from Hattiesburg MS to KC, SS express worked

    I have 3 little Honda CRF100 bikes sitting at Csm Davis place by Hattiesburg Ms and would like to get them moved closer to Kansas City. These will fit in the back of a pick up and can be on their sides as they are not in pristine shape (rode hard and put up wet!) There is no rush I can can...

    Using automotive spot putty to restore bomb casing.

    Went to a sale near St Louis looking at MV parts and opened a conex and there was a 6' cluster bomb casing. I made an offer they took it and asked if I want some fins to go with it included in the price. Not real heavy but bulky and hard to lift. It looks like a lot of it's life was spent out...

    Dirt bike picked up in Saraland, AL (Mobile area)Thanks Csm Davis

    As the title states, I won a small Honda CFR100 dirt bike (165 lbs) that is at the GP site Saraland, AL (Mobile area) and would need it picked up the week of 16 -20 July and held for a short period of time. Thanks in advance

    31st Annual Vintage Power Wagon Rally, Pictures 2018 IOWA

    I thought there was already a thread on this. If you need a part for a VF, VC, WC M37 or W Dodge 39 to 71 PW this is the place. I am going up to Fairfield Iowa in the AM and will be there till Friday late. This thing gets bigger every year and is one of the few Rally's that I do not vend at...

    Going by Kansas City on the way to Findlay Ohio Show? This week!

    Looking for anybody that is going by the Kansas City area on the way to Findlay OH this weekend. If you have room for a command post tent please e-mail or Pm, it is going to CARNAC

    New way 2 remove a run flat on 1102 trailer or what happens when a runflat don't roll

    I was coming home from a swap meet yesterday on a 70mph road when I saw smoke coming from my 1102 trailer my K3500 has so much extra that I didn't feel the tire shred. Lucked out that it didn't tear the brake lines out, part of the tire got warped around the drop axle and locked it up! Also a...

    KC memorial day weekend May 26-27 2018, National WWI Museum Memorial

    If you live anywhere close to KC please come out to celebrate the 100th Memorial Day at the only WW1 memorial/museum in the US. Bring your MV if convenient and you don't need to be a MVPA member. We will be setting up Sat morning and Staying to the fire works on Sunday evening. VINTAGE...

    M116A3 Building a mobil kitchen from a modular kitchen set, or reinvent the wheel

    Well I don't have this mounted on a trailer yet, but looking for a 20' two axle civi trailer to mount in on in the future for disaster response. I have had a MKT and a TFK but both really needed a large/mil (slow)truck to move them so have opted for lighter, lower one. I got a MFK set, (Modular...

    GL Lost Surplus Contract

    I was doing a PU today and the site rep stated That GL's contract was up and they wouldn't know till Wed 12/06/17 if they were renewed or not. If they didn't get the contract they were only going to have 90 to sell off whatever had been already transferred to them.

    New 810 Tatra 4X4 prototype

    Saw this new 810 4X4 prototype and if I win the lottery it will be mine!

    2017 MVPA International Convention in Cleveland, Ohio June 21-24

    I thought there was was already a thread on this. I going, anybody else? If you are planning on attending the 2017 MVPA International Convention in Cleveland, Ohio June 21-24, you will save money and time by Pre-Registering to attend, however, pre-registration closes on June 9, 2017 at 4:30...
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