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  1. m-35tom

    How to balance a Goodyear 395/85/20

    I have 5 new tires that refuse to be balanced. The best one only wanted 17 oz, maybe normal. The worst wanted 88 oz, kinda absurd. Spoke to Goodyear distributor and was told that if a MV/t needed more than 14 oz then it was a bad tire and could never be balanced. I believe them. But why and what...
  2. m-35tom

    All Military Vehicles banned from road in Maryland

    As of 1/1/2019 but just now fully enforced. If you buy a MV in Maryland you will not be able to get tags for it.
  3. m-35tom


    No doubt someone here has already done this. The PPM on a stock A1R is set at 62619. Reducing this number makes the speedometer read higher. I roughly figured that 45398 would be very close to correct but it seems to read to high. Any one done this? And yes I know I can tweak this with a GPS but...
  4. m-35tom


    Hi, where can I get a shim kit for the hubs? Needed by Friday 12/13
  5. m-35tom

    A1R Warning about gauges

    If you have an A1R do not try to test the voltmeters on dash. They are not voltmeters, they are indicators driven by CAN data from a ECM or ECU. Do you know where that unit is located in the truck??
  6. m-35tom

    New seat covers

    Where can I get new seat covers for the LMTV. They just clip on, easy swap.
  7. m-35tom

    Gen2 a/c wiring

    I have a 06 A1R and wonder if at least the power supply connector is in the harness of the truck for the A/C unit. The blower and lights connector is the same one as just the heater uses, but it also needs 24 volt from the PDP. I have the schematic for the unit but since it is an A1R nothing...
  8. m-35tom

    Need parts picked up in georgetown sc

    Need 3 boxes of parts picked up in Georgetown SC and UPS to me in Eldersburg MD
  9. m-35tom

    LMTV parts wanted

    Anyone parting out an A1? Tom
  10. m-35tom

    Front bumper wiring

    Hi all, Does anyone have a A1R? Would you please look at the air switch behind the left front step. I need to know the numbers from the tag on those wires and where they go to. I thought they were in the bumper harness with the wires for the lights but now that I have used up all those wires I...
  11. m-35tom

    Transmission function

    I noticed today that when I put the trans in neutral and come to a stop that at near zero mph the trans locks the driveshafts, holding the truck with no brakes applied. 2006 A1R. Normal? And how reliable?
  12. m-35tom

    Brakes do not release

    OK, front service glad hand has a vent on the cover and I know it is stuck closed. When using brakes they will not release unless the cover is removed. Is this normal and is the check valve vent the only problem? Why is there pressure there at all? Tom
  13. m-35tom

    The price of a/c

    Hi, The price of adding A/C may have just gotten way cheaper if you are a little crazy and also mechanical minded. You can purchase the 33070 BTU A/C and heat unit for a MRAP, strip it for parts and fit it all very neatly in the LMTV heater box. I am almost finished and have all the functions of...
  14. m-35tom

    Volt meter wrong and batteries die

    Now I know that sounds simple but, 2006 A1R 7000 miles total. 4 new batteries charged and installed. 24 v meter on dash shows 24, 12 v meter on dash shows right at the yellow/green and constantly moves up and down while meter on low set of batteries shows constant 14 volt. Meter on high set...
  15. m-35tom

    A1R door handle

    can someone confirm this number for the outside door handle and suggest where to get them? 12423362 Thanks, Tom
  16. m-35tom

    CAT truck diagnostic tool

  17. m-35tom

    Steering box

    Does anyone have a manual for rebuilding the ZF steering Box? Or even just exploded parts view?
  18. m-35tom

    Front shocks

    OK, 1 of my front shocks is bent. They have springs on them like for the up armored cabs I guess. Should I replace just the bent shock with the helper spring or a pair with no springs. Pros and cons please? 2006 A1 Thanks, Tom
  19. m-35tom

    Parking brake switch?

    This is the switch on the back side of the drivers step. mine is missing so I need part number and it would be very useful to have a picture of the connector. Thanks, Tom
  20. m-35tom

    Dead electrical system

    2006 A1 LMTV has sat for a year and batteries have frozen so they will not even attempt to show a charge. If jumped with just 24 volts everything on truck is still dead. Yes both disconnect switches are on. Is this normal? Is 12 volts between batteries needed for something to enable? Thanks, Tom
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