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  1. simp5782

    TN Parts Parts Parts

    Rebuilt in the can HT740D - $2500 Rebuilt Oshkosh 30000 HET/MTVR Transfer Case - $3000 Complete Meritor 22,500# trailer axle - complete with brakes and hubs for MTO20 Trailer - $600 Same Axle with drums but no brakes - $500 RG31 MRAP Aluminum radiator/intercooler/oil cooler combo for M939...
  2. simp5782

    M870A1 Dayton to Pilot Hub swap

    So since the 870s have the crap Dayton wheels. Problems with these is that noone wants to work on them. General truck tire shops wont touch em. Tires are expensive for radials $300+ .Cheaper for bias plys but still in the $225 range. Those prices include flaps. Most surplus 10.00R15s we...
  3. simp5782

    TN to Phoenix Early February 2020

    Headed west with a stepdeck all the way to Phoenix. About 30ft of open space on the deck going West. About 15ft of space going east. Around the first week of February. Tires can be moved along the I20 corridor thru TX and I10 corridor back across TX
  4. simp5782

    Trailer inspection- Winger, MN

    Needing an inspection to make sure an M870 type trailer isnt a complete undercarriage nightmare from being in the north. Located about an hour east of grand forks. Thanks
  5. simp5782

    South Texas December 2019.

    Headed from Memphis to San Antonio area in approx 2 weeks. Will be taking the 915 and a step deck on a recovery. Anyone in south texas need tires for a great shipping cost? I30 to Dallas then down 35 to San Antonio. Return trip will be I-10 to I55 Or.any other parts i have for sale.
  6. simp5782

    TN Aluminum LMTV wheels

    Hutchinson Aluminum wheels part # WI-0347. 10 lug budd patternm Used takeoffs. They do not include tires. Tires on the wheels will be removed. 9 available Bare aluminum wheel $275.00 If you want 2017 or newer date code 395 85 20 GoodyearMVTs they are $380 each added to the wheel...
  7. simp5782

    M915 series truck FCI Rebuild?

    Anyone have one of these rebuild tags? Base model 916. Tag reads rebuild by Unicor FCI Gilmer, 201 FCI Lane, Glenville WV. Which is a bureau of prisons facility. Rebuild date of 2005/06. Probably need to make sure the brakes work properly i assume ha. Some footnotes of a few social forums...
  8. simp5782

    TN Tire sale - HMMWV/385s/395s/1400s/1600s

    Tire clean out- HMMWV/385s/395s/1400s/1600s Michelin XML 395/85/20 New 100% tread - $255 ea Goodyear AT2 16.00R21 tires on MK48 wheels- $500 ea or $1800 for 4. GOODYEAR 37x12.50x16.5s -------Various date codes. I will not sort date codes. D load range. Nothing older than 2008 on the...
  9. simp5782

    TN MRAP Intercooler/radiator unit for M939 Retrofit NHC250/ 8.3

    RG31 MRAP radiator unit. Easily modified into a 939 series truck with either motor. Both install threads are below for the NHC250 and 8.3 Includes radiator, intercooler, oil cooler. Oil cooler can be used in place of the heat exchanger for the transmission. Intercooler will benefit the 8.3s...
  10. simp5782

    TN Misc parts - fall clean out

    LMTV factory setup high side AC hose - 8ft long - other uses available $50 shipped. M939 ABS module/relay valve - good take out - $60 shipped M939 NHC250 tachometer cable - new - $45 shipped -SOLD M939 speedometer cable - new - $40 shipped M939 brake spider with service can and spring can- Low...
  11. simp5782

    TN 1994 Stewart and Stevenson M1088 $12000

    1100 miles on this M1088 with Needs paint and some small sanding on places. Tires are newer 95/98 percent MVTs that were put on it by us, they have not been sitting on the truck for years. Runs and drives great. Every works as should. Drivers door has a small hole that can be repaired...
  12. simp5782

    Utica, NY - Grab and stash

    Anyone around there that has a 5 ton or bigger that could grab and stash another 5 ton for a week or two. Would need to get it drug off the lot before Nov 8th. Tires all hold air fine, just towbar it off the yard. A deuce could towbar it for a short distance. Thanks.
  13. simp5782

    M872 Flatbed Operators Manual

    for all variants
  14. simp5782

    WTB - M939A2 Steer Axle

    Looking for a complete axle, hub to hub for an A2 series truck. I can arrange shipping.
  15. simp5782

    Simp's M915A1 Build Thread

    Simp's M915A1 and M920 Build Thread Picked up an 1984 M915A1 off of GSA for $3,156.00. Listed as a non runner. Truck was used at the Oklahoma State University Ranch site so basically it hauled cows. They said it had not been started in 4 or 5 years. 140,300 miles on the ODO. Rebuilt as RSMS at...
  16. simp5782

    TN 14.00R20 Michelin XZLs - New/HT

    Various date codes. 85percents are $220 each. Some usage marks/nicks. New $460 each Pm for a shipping quote Located in Memphis
  17. simp5782

    TN MK48 RBU axle set bogie. 5.57 ratio w/ lockers

    Oshkosh MK15A1 Rear Axle Assembly - MK48 M984 - 5.57 RATIO RS580 EATON. Condition is Used. This is the rear axle assembly with parabolic springs from the MK48/MK15A1 wrecker and other RBUs It is the same setup used in the M984 wrecker but with different wheel studs. Wheels and tires are not...
  18. simp5782

    Government Encroachment - Court Opinion handed down

    So I know some of us have had had to deal with code enforcement and our trucks or other things. Or even maybe other government agencies. Regardless of its local/state/etc. Well this opinion was handed down by the US Supreme court last year which has not filtered down to all levels of court or...
  19. simp5782

    TN Goodyear MVT 395/85/20 New 2015 newer $400

    Goodyear MVTs 2015 and newer date code tires. G Load range. Most are 16 and 17s. Freight shipping required or pick them up in zip 38506. $400 each. 40 available Paypal accepted. Please message before just sending a blind paypal.
  20. simp5782

    Wtb ccc m915

    Looking for a CCC built M915. These trucks had the CAT 16 speed behind the BCI and not the allison like the A1 models. Wouldn't mind a cheap 915A1 but sourcing the other parts needed is costly. Thanks.
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