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    Slant Back Roof Leaks

    Good lookin' truck! Get some "as seen on TV' Flexseal! just joking........... Join the club, they all leak.
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    Canvas cover for RT 246 RT524

    Good point. These radios are going on 50+ years old and the O-rings on the covers have flattened out. That allows air to "breath" in and out as the radios sit on the sun and then cool back down in the evening. If that air is moist it get's into the radios and the moisture stays there. I've...
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    Voltage Regulator Dead?

    It sounds like the regulator has gone south on you. To measure current output you do not go between the output post and ground. That's how you measure voltage. To properly measure current you need to disconnect the cable from the output terminal and put your current meter in series between...
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    M998 spring length

    Thanks Greg!
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    M998 spring length

    Does anyone know offhand the freestanding length of a standard M998 front spring?
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    Just purchased 99 m998 and can’t start

    I did missile fire control aboard ship but went into the Navy with a heavy electronics and mechanics background. For the last 50 years I've done military radios, generally green because the gray ones were too heavy to collect! LOL
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    Just purchased 99 m998 and can’t start

    It's good to review this stuff occasionally because of all the new HMMWV owners out there that don't have any military background. Nobody teaches you this stuff in high school or college.
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    Just purchased 99 m998 and can’t start

    Ajax MD, The "other manuals" aren't for heavier trucks, they're the next level of service for them. This makes it important to pay attention to the front cover page where it tells you what trucks the particular manual is for. The TM 9 2320-280-xx are manuals for the HMMWV itself. The TM...
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    What are these 4 units behind the seats ?

    LS-671 speakers for SINCGARS radios. There were obviously 4 radios in the truck at one time as evidenced by the 4 antenna cables coiled up by the mounts.
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    Light questions

    McMaster Carr has them and they're available online. Just be careful you get shock mounts with long enough studs.
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    Brake fluid

    Military gallons of DOT 5 silicon fluid look purple when it's in the container and anti-freeze yellow-green when poured.
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    Replacing the CV Axles

    What gear was your transfer case in?
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    HMMWV alternators

    Hello Rich, You didn't state why you feel you need more alternator power and at their high costs unless it's really necessary it's hard to justify the cost for a 200A setup. What are you thinking of running in your CUCV that needs that much power? Especially since the HMMWVs almost never run...
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    Grote Solid State Flasher Install

    Well, that's how I found this posting so what can I say?
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    LED tail lights on the cheap

    I'm still looking for a 10-30v LED lamp to replace the #303 running lamps in the composite taillights. Every LED that I've found is too bright. Is the only answer to paint them?
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    Grote Solid State Flasher Install

    The search feature on SS is a great thing as almost anything you want to know has been discussed here. Take a look at this posting:
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    Ignition Security

    I've used Buchanan crimp tools for years on my military connectors and they're cheap online. While the Daniels tools are what you always see, the Buchanan tools work just as well. Soldering is not a good option as the rigidity of the connection makes it more likely to break.
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    Linkage adjustment is probably the first step to resolving your issue but years back I had a manual transmission in an old MG that jumped out of gear unless I held it in and that turned out to be a bent shift fork inside. If someone tried to jam it into a different range hard enough they might...
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