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  1. SCSG-G4

    Durhamtown Lawsuit

    Since the lawsuit probably started shortly after the accident, this might explain why they have been raising the rates on us so much in the ensuing years - the insurance company has already raised their rates, and probably dictated some maintenance changes that cost money, so DT is just passing...
  2. SCSG-G4

    Members in N Alabama?

    Wreckerman in the Gadsden area.
  3. SCSG-G4

    IL MKT Trailers for sale

    Shell trailer could be turned into a sanitary (sink) trailer as I did back in 2010-2012 if anyone is looking for ideas.
  4. SCSG-G4

    Military vehicle. radio group

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, Dwight and I were messing around one weekend after checking the main radio out on the regular frequencies, so we went up to 11 meters and started listening while pointed at various points of the compass. We picked up a strong signal about 61.5 degrees east...
  5. SCSG-G4

    Happy 2020 Steel Soldiers

    Why not, we have members from Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, and many other countries!
  6. SCSG-G4

    Titling Military Shelter Dollies in PA

    Better check with BATFE first to see if they will allow a mobile ammunition manufacturing facility as the first step, and get it writing! Then talk to your insurance agent once you have approval from BATFE in writing. Don't know how it is in the northeast, but here in SC the ammo dealers at...
  7. SCSG-G4

    There’re called turn buttons

    Soft top cab, above the window frames.
  8. SCSG-G4

    Figuring out NSN and part numbers

    First four digits tell you the Federal Supply Classification - 2320 is wheeled vehicles, 2330 is trailers, etc. You can look up the standard Federal Supply classifications here > Next two digits are where it is made (00 and 01 are USA) and the rest is a unique...
  9. SCSG-G4

    Durhamtown Lawsuit

    Please post the source of the article so we don't have to search. Most businesses have liability insurance and Durhamtown is no exception and I'm sure their insurance will delay paying till all the appeals have been heard, which could be several years. DT's insurance rates will be going up in...
  10. SCSG-G4

    M809 Wrecker Brakes Locking up

    Actually it is a MICO brake part, not 'micro' (TM is wrong). It acts as a one way valve when setting up the wrecker to be stationary. Operator error in pushing the brakes real hard and hitting the switch. Problem there came when it was time to release the brakes, as it took MORE pressure on...
  11. SCSG-G4

    Anyone Running a Dometic Fridge? 12 or 24v?

    So, why do I use 10 ga extension cords? Because i can't find anyone who makes 8 ga ones and sells them locally! This is a re-hash of the AC/DC argument of over a century ago. DC voltage is heavily dependent on wire size, AC not nearly as much. New 12 volt car batteries should read about 13.5...
  12. SCSG-G4

    Anyone Running a Dometic Fridge? 12 or 24v?

    That sounds like low voltage, no load should be closer to 27 volts and that compressor should only drop it down to 24.5-25 volts on startup. If it's a new unit from Dometic, contact them! I have a small (CC40) unit and so far no problems.
  13. SCSG-G4

    Anyone Running a Dometic Fridge? 12 or 24v?

    Check your voltage when it tries to start. The compressor starting draw is high and I think the Dometic supplied 12/24 V cable is a bit flimsy (IMHO) at 16 ga wire. The fuse in that cable is rated at 8 amps for 12 volts or 96 watts, the higher the voltage of the batteries , the lower the...
  14. SCSG-G4

    New guy searching for info: MKT Burners (MBU)

    The older style gasoline burners (M-2) are prime candidates for conversion to propane, the MBU's not so much, but the older MBU's (V-100) can be upgraded to the new type (V-103 with wider heat range, runs better in high ambient temps) . Old MBU's have a black oval on the control panel, new or...
  15. SCSG-G4

    Goodyear tires for Gama Goat

    I know of a dozen or so very used tires on goat rims, send me a PM for details. You will have to arrange shipping!
  16. SCSG-G4

    TX NEW VITON M35A2 Deuce Multifuel LDT LDS Injection Pump Hydraulic Head O Ring Kit

    I'm not seeing how to PM you for payment details for six sets.
  17. SCSG-G4

    What antennas for what bands

    Since the military does not use those frequencies, you will have some trouble finding a single military antenna that will be suitable, and probably none out-of-the-box. Modifying military antennas to cover specific bands has been done But you will need matching circuits to keep the SWR at a...
  18. SCSG-G4

    Need MEP-002a Wiring Harness & Generator Stator or Complete 5 kW Generator Head

    I have a couple of 002A's that are mainly generator head and engine, with a 'small' number of other parts remaining. The problem is shipping (and getting them out of the storage location they are in). I have no idea if the gen head is worth shipping or not, as both units had been cannibalized...
  19. SCSG-G4

    WTB: AT-1011 antenna sections

    Interested, please send PM.
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