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  1. Katavic918

    Tried to fire up the 5 ton after a few years

    9.9 liter! That's impressive.
  2. Katavic918

    Tried to fire up the 5 ton after a few years

    Yes. I didn't realize they put gas engines in something that "modern".
  3. Katavic918

    Tried to fire up the 5 ton after a few years

    Crazy Canadians. Why does that have a gasser in it? Ever watch Zip ties and Bias plies on youtube. You kinda remind me of that guy.
  4. Katavic918

    Interested in buying a 90 6.2 Hmmv with 59,000 miles. New guy here!

    I was referring to the blue one
  5. Katavic918

    starter electric gremlins??

    Try replacing this: AM GENERAL 5740926 ELECTRICAL STARTER DRIVE FOR HMMWV I had mine go bad and it was acting similar to what you describe. If the motor is spinning and the bendix (i think thats what its called) isnt engaging the fly wheel then theres most likely a problem with this part. You...
  6. Katavic918

    Interested in buying a 90 6.2 Hmmv with 59,000 miles. New guy here!

    Is it just me or does it look like the rear is lowered to match the front? Also it looks like the tires are low tread.
  7. Katavic918

    How long is too long to let sit!

    I try to take mine out and run it at least every month. Sometimes it stretches to two months. I try to run it kind of hard once up to temperature. Not ragging on it but not just putting around. Also keep the kill knob pulled out when parked, that way if your fuel shut off in the injector pump...
  8. Katavic918

    1987 M35a2 Trade

    Can you post some pics and maybe give a brief good and bad list? Thanks. Is it titled?
  9. Katavic918

    H1 viscous clutch fan retrofit

    Interested. Sub'd
  10. Katavic918

    M998 Electrical Woes

    Also low batteries are murder on electronics.
  11. Katavic918

    m35a2 startup procedure question

    I had watched a video a while back of someone starting an m35a2. In the video the shutdown handle was in the out position. He cranked the engine with the handle still out for a second, then pushed the handle it and started the engine. Is there a reason to crank the engine with the handle out or...
  12. Katavic918

    M923A1 Problems after deep fording

    Agreed, lives are worth more than an engine.
  13. Katavic918

    Dead Deuce

    That made me think of something. Since you push started it you didn't have the exciter voltage necessary to turn the generator on in the first place. If you had jumpstarted it the generator would have started charging. Oh well once batteries have been discharged that bad it's best to replace...
  14. Katavic918

    Dead Deuce

    If your batteries are stone dead and you push start it, you may have overloaded you generator. Do you have charging voltage?
  15. Katavic918

    Painting an old truck an accurate US military tan color...

    Didn't they have tan a3's in Desert Storm?
  16. Katavic918

    Hello from Pa

    Welcome from Carroll county Maryland. Good luck on the hunt.
  17. Katavic918

    Good looking 5 ton in Avengers: End Game

    “The Avengers” 2012 That’s the one.
  18. Katavic918

    Good looking 5 ton in Avengers: End Game

    Are there any more angles of that truck in the movie? I would like to see the paint scheme on it. This is mine I picked up about a year ago. There were 2 of them like this the other had an FPR number instead of FPS. I used to know which movie they were in but I don't recall right now.
  19. Katavic918

    M35A2 - Diesel in oil, need advice/help

    Just so I understand the problem. The truck was leaking oil due to diesel leaking into the crankcase? Where was the oil/diesel coming from? How high was the oil level?
  20. Katavic918

    GL-1 Gear Oil Alternative

    The reason I use gl-1 over gl-5 in my spicer transmission is because the manufacturer does not recommend the ep additives present in gl-5. These transmissions have had gl-5 in them for twenty years without any issues. That to me is proof enough that gl-5 is safe to use. Assuming yellow safe of...
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