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    M37 transfer case

    Check Jeeps for a t/c . . . In case the fellow offering the t/c is not local, the M715 Jeeps used our NP200 - with different yokes. You can swap in a Jeep NP200 and just use your yokes with it. This may help you find a local used t/c easier and avoid big shipping costs. Good luck.
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    M37 transfer case

    The front input shaft is unavail. 10/2008 I ordered one from VPW - they called back to say their stock was too rust damaged to sell. I tried the usual M37 MV dealers w/o success getting the shaft. Normally this part does not wear out unless it got rusty from water in the oil. Being you need 2...
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    M37 transfer case

    NP201 is just like the NP200 except no e-brake oputput. It still has the offset rear output. Most parts interchange between the 2 models. My NP 200 rebuild kit came in a NP201 box - was missing a few bearings, but otherwise was fine. The NP201 was common on 1950's dodge 4x4s - but not power...
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