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  1. 4x4 Forever

    Dry cut metal saw question

    When you look for a blade, look for a C-4 to C-7 tungsten rating, the higher the better. One thing that we have found is that although the manufacturer states placing more pressure to prevent sparks, it also shortens the life - considerably. Don't know who your LWS is up there in VA, see what...
  2. 4x4 Forever

    Dry cut metal saw question

    Jimmy 90, Don't know what brand blade you are using, but have read around the web and found that the Dewalt blades are having problems with their 'new' design. Might want to use another brand. Jason, To have sharpened, take it by any reputable saw shop and have them sharpened. It all depends on...
  3. 4x4 Forever

    Dry cut metal saw question

    Friend of mine has a fab shop and has several of them. The first one was almost given to him by our supplier, after using it the first day, he bought several and even take them on the job site. They work wonders as long as you do not force them through, just let them slowly do the job. Yes, they...
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