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    The collection is turning into a heard!

    So i was driving my 923 around in a car cruise weekend and when i stopped for a bite to eat a guy walks up to me and asks if I'm interested in a couple more trucks. I liked him right away. So I got a great deal (so good its worth the wrath of a non MV loving wife) on a pair of 923's. An A1 and...
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    Allison transmission shifting issue

    I have a 923a2 that I bought for the engine but found a machine shop that the owner needed a trade of services so a rebuild on my 925a2s engine became a no brainer. Only thing wrong with the 923 is the tranny doesn't shift right. It will go through 1st and 2nd and will try for 3rd if it is...
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    My fleet is finally complete...for now!

    I finally have a big Green monster in my yard! I've wanted one as long as I can remember. 925a2. Even the drive home was more than an adventure. Turbo self destructed and stuck me on the side of the road 90 miles from home. Fortunately AAA PLUS RV insurance covers towing large things. While...
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