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    Tire chains?

    I drive an 1986 m1009, manual swapped, air lockers in both axles. 33x12.50r15 Wrangler MTRs. In 10 years of winter off roading and highway driving in Utah I've never seen a need for chains. Roads are always fine for a careful driver with 4x4, and if the snow is deep and loose enough off road...
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    CUCV Parking Brake Equalizer

    I am looking for a parking brake equalizer bracket for an M1009. Item 9 in diagram below. I took mine off to paint it a few weeks ago, and I can't find it. I'm afraid it might have somehow got thrown out when a couple friends and I were cleaning out the shop. If you have one you don't need...
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    Lift Pump Leak

    Has anybody ever seen a lift pump leak externally? I replaced it in 2018 and the truck starts and runs fine, and I don't have oil getting into the crankcase. There is a small amount of diesel dripping down off the bottom of the engine, and I know the injector pump is leaking (saving up for a...
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    Never ending front brake problems

    I'm having a terrible time trying to get the front brakes working on my m1009. Both front calipers won't fully release and are constantly dragging. I just replaced the calipers thinking they may have had corrosion I the bores or something. Also replaced the pads and had the rotors turned and...
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    Do you bench bleed the master cylinder?

    This is the 4th 70s/80s GM master cylinder replacement I have done (all on different vehicles, and all work well), and I have never bench bled a MC. Just put it on, connect the brake lines, vacuum bleed at each wheel using a venturi vacuum bleeder, and then take a break for half an hour or so...
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    Driver side marker light not working

    I've been looking at F-13 and F-14 in the -20 TM for about 2 hours, but I dont understand what the diagram is saying. All passenger side marker and turn signals on the truck work. The driver side parking light and rear turn signal works, and the side marker light flashes when the turn signal is...
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    M1009 Wont Warm Up

    Well, I am not sure what to try from here. I just replaced my thermostat for the second time with another Delco 132-55 (GM 14077122), and the truck still will not warm up above 160F. I have a Vintage Air system with a block off valve in the heater circuit, so there is no flow through the...
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    M1009 back glass binding

    I have an '86 K5 with a manual tailgate window. Back in April the window bound up due to a rusted through sash and the pot metal "clutch" that couples the handle to the regulator broke. I used that as an excuse to go through it, and cleaned and greased the regulator, replaced the rollers...
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    Source for fiber washers/insulators in alternator

    I am trying to rebuild a failed alternator on my M1009, and an having a hard time fining the parts. I bought 2 "rebuild kits" which were allegedly for isolated ground 27SI alternators and specifically listed the M1008/M1009 as compatible applications, but they are missing a lot of critical...
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    Nostalgic Air Brackets and Turbo

    Hi, Has anyone installed the Nostalgic Air A/C compressor brackets along with a 6.5 turbo swap? I have parts from a 6.5 TD in storage to install in the future, but they are out of state so I can't measure anything. I am in the middle of an A/C swap and am trying to decide between the...
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    Crankshaft pulley options for 6.2 diesel

    I'm getting ready to add AC to my m1009, and figuring out where to mount the compressor. I will be keeping the 24v charging system and adding a 6.5 turbo in the future, so the plan is to build a bracket to hang the compressor under the driver side alternator. I had been planning to use the four...
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    M1009 Front Battery Voltage Lower than Rear

    Hey all, M1009 with the factory dual alternator setup. Truck starts and runs fine. Batteries were replaced a couple months ago, as the old ones were wearing out. They were in it when I bought it and served me well for ~3 years. Now the front battery voltage is a bit lower than the rear and...
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    M1009 Passenger Alternator short to ground

    I connected the batteries back up on my M1009 this morning, after the truck had been sitting for several weeks for axle rebuilds. When I connected the rear battery I got a small spark, which I assumed was due to a light I had left on or something. When starting the engine the GEN2 light stayed...
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    What to do while changing rear main

    My M1009 leaks slowly from the rear main seal, and I want to fix it. I had a 350 SBC with a 2 piece rear main do the same thing, and I ignored it for 10k miles until it suddenly spat all the oil out on the road. So I'm trying to not make the same mistake with the 6.2 in my CUCV. I want to do...
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    HDT / Nordic Air ECU, 9k BTU

    I am looking at a Nordic Air 9k environmental control unit for sale locally. Does anybody have experience with these, or know where to find the repair TMs? I have tried searching for awhile with no success. Here is the data plate from the unit, an info brochure from the manufacturer, and a...
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    M1009 Glow Plugs - Again

    My M1009 had a manual glow plug switch installed when I got it. I want to bypass the firewall resistor bank, but I recently replaced the starter with a good 24V unit and I have no intention of replacing it again anytime soon. At least one of my glow plugs is bad, and I want to replace them all...
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    MEP531 Governor Problems

    My MEP531 starts up easily and runs, but it immediately starts to overspeed. The engine blows tons of smoke and pegs out the frequency gauge, and is obviously revving way too high. Clicking the "Stop" lever while holding the governor lever by hand, I can control the engine speed and get the...
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    M1009 - Fuel delivery problem?

    Hey folks, I've been reading on this forum for a few years, and finally got my new-to-me M1009 a couple months back. Bought it just north of SLC Utah after wrecking my 82 K5 offroading, and road tripped it back to Los Angeles the next day. It did just fine for an old truck that had been...
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    Opinions on M1009 Purchase

    I'm looking to purchase an M1009, but I am not sure what they are worth. There dont seem to be many for sale in the classifieds on this board or in my area, so its hard to get a sense of value. I have driven my dad's 77 K5 Jimmy on occasion and like the truck, but I would prefer a diesel as...
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    New Guy from Salt Lake City, UT

    Figured I'd say hi to everyone. I've wanted an offroad/work truck for a couple years, and I'm starting to look closely at M1009 CUCVs. I've been into old cars for years, and have a partially restored '79 Corvette that I've been daily driving for several years. My dad still has a '77 K5 Jimmy...
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