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  1. 6x6pinz

    for those looking for one

    I found this while browsing. Have not followed these vehicles so don't know if it is a good deal but thought it might interest someone. No I don't know who owns it just...
  2. 6x6pinz

    m37 cab top install

    As our project nears completion I am trying to fit the canvas top on my son's truck. Does anyone have a clear picture or instructions on how the rope is tied off. Project update truck is on road all lights working but the oil pressure gauge does not seem to work. Installed a temporary...
  3. 6x6pinz

    RMP Treffen

    Anyone planning on attending? A few of us from AZ are making the trip. Hope to see some of you there.
  4. 6x6pinz

    canvas support at rear of cab

    I need to replace the canvas support bow at the rear of the cab. The one with the truck has been repaired a few times and is bent to a point it is time to replace. Anyone know where I can find one?
  5. 6x6pinz

    Phoenix, Arizona Surplus store

    One of our South West Pinzgauer Association members had to move his surplus store. We are going to have a BBQ out front of his new location to let the people in the new neighborhood know he is there. We are going to be displaying our trucks. I am hoping that a few of the Steel Soldiers people...
  6. 6x6pinz

    Unimog 404 brake issue

    One of our members is having issues with the brakes on his newly aquired 404. He has changed the front brake lines and bled the system but still can barely get the truck to stop. He says it takes a long time and a lot of pressure. Is there anything I need to know before I head over to take a...
  7. 6x6pinz

    South West Pinzgauer Association Treffen

    The SWPA is having its annual Treffen in the Tucson, Az area this year. We will set base camp at the Catalina State Park. The dates are April 5-8, 2007. For detailed info go to I will be sure to put up some pics after the event. The trails selected are listed as difficult...
  8. 6x6pinz

    went out for a weekend of fun

    Here are some video links to some of what we did.
  9. 6x6pinz

    M37 front canvas support

    I think the cab canvas support tube (the one that holds the back of the front canvas) is bent. It has a couple of small kinks at the riser legs where they attach to the body and one in the middle. I was hoping some one could take a couple of measurements. One from the top of the body to the...
  10. 6x6pinz

    Pinz outing with a Durango club

    Here is a link to a recent outing we took to Martinez Cabins just outside of Florence, Az.
  11. 6x6pinz

    mutt for sale

    I don't know this guy other than he contacted me about selling his Pinzgauer. I am not at all familiar with the prices for the 151 but thought I would post this here in case someone is interested.
  12. 6x6pinz

    interesting site

    I have been on the 4x4offroads site for some time and always get a kick out of some of the articles and views from different places. Here are a few pics of some old iron at play.
  13. 6x6pinz

    mechanic in Albuquerque

    I need to find a mechanic that will do work on Unimogs in the Albuquerque area. The turck needs electronic ignition and minor tune up. Anyone know of someone willing or able?
  14. 6x6pinz

    some volvo possibilities

    Here is a link to a thread that some might have missed. If there are some on this board looking for TGB's this is a possiblity. I have tried in the past to work with Dennis with no luck but maybe some one else would have better luck.
  15. 6x6pinz

    Put some photos of my 712 up

    I put some photos of my 712 in the photo gallery. there is a sub folder for a recent mud event that we went to. Lots of fun and really showed the built trucks what some old military stuff could do. We had two 712's and on 404 unimog there. The main photo album is "Mike's 712"
  16. 6x6pinz

    Look what followed me home last night

    Much to the wifes dismay another Pinz followed me home last night. The previous owner wanted it to go to a nice home where it could be well taken care of. I am looking forward to long drives in the woods with it and spending lots of time offroading the smaller version of my first Pinz (still...
  17. 6x6pinz

    brake light sensor conector

    I found the reason my brake lights were not working on the truck was due to the connector for the brake light sensor was missing. Any one know where I can get one of these? Almost have the truck back on the road so brake lights would be nice.
  18. 6x6pinz

    went to a mud fest

    went to a mud fest and showed them guys what a military truck could do. I even managed "stuck of the Event" award. The hi lift jack is mounted 52" off the ground to give you an idea how deep the mud was.
  19. 6x6pinz

    cab canvas

    When I got the M37 it has the corner metal pieces for the front (over the doorss) and the 3/4 tube that supports the rear of the front canvas. What all do I need to complete a front canvas for the truck. I know the canvas but what about straps, and other supports? Any pictures of the soft top...
  20. 6x6pinz

    bed canvas support

    I went to CGarbee's website and found the dimensions on the bed canvas supports but did not find the dimensions for the runner which attaches all three bows together. A friend of mine is making the wood pieces for the bed(seats,sides, front and the canvas supports). I gave him some of the old...
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