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    FLU419 binding clutch lubrication

    The clutch on both FLU 419s were almost stuck at mid pedal travel. I put up with it for a couple of years. I was able to lubricate the throw out bearing “collar” where it slides on the transmission input shaft “tube” today. Cut a hole where it looks like an access panel was planned. Pressed the...
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    Broken Belt Replacement

    I just did belts on two FLU419s. Removed radiator brace and tied radiator forward at top one half inch. Removed skid plate. Snaked belts around fan, sometimes turning fan by hand. Water pump pulley needs to come off to do alternator belt. Center belt in photo is hydraulic pump belt.
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    Memphis Equipment Rebuild Question

    They have a modification that lets you manually shift the automatic transmission. I bought one for my m135. a shift lever is added that selects the gear. Without it the transmission tends to shift when you don't want it to.
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    Spark Plug Cables for M211

    I purchased mine from Memphis Equipment phone 901-774-0600 they are brand new built to original specs.
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    M135 Winch Parts

    I bought one of the shafts from Sam Winer Motors in Ohio. Ask for Robert Zetzer .Phone 330-628-4881. I don't know if they have all the shafts etc.
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    VIN Info-'You may fire when ready, Gridley.'

    I don't know if you will have any luck with the two of mine due to thier age. thank you. #1 VIN 150306 REG# 8C1545 TYPE 2 1/2 ton firefighting pumper M44 530-B Bought one year ago in California YEAR 1961 contract# DA-11-184-ENG-18720 (pump) contract# DA-20-018-ORD-23550 (chassis) #2 VIN M135...
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    M135 brakes, Has this happened to you????

    My M135 would keep the brakes locked after pressing the brake pedal. I replaced every moving part in the brake system.The brakes still stayed locked.Then I took the new! master cylinder apart and found something blocking a very small passage that lets the brake fluid flow back into the master...
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    tire tools

    I have tires that have been on the rims for 50 years. Bought a tool called a bead cheata from It wedges between the bead and the rim. when you turn it with a ratchet it slowly forces the bead away from the rim. I had to use it every couple of inches all the way around the rim to...
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