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  1. Tinwoodsman

    New to the site

  2. Tinwoodsman

    Steel Soldiers giveaway sponsored by

    Interested in Battery
  3. Tinwoodsman

    Title Regis. in Texas

    I did not have a title for my WW2 Weapons Carrier. I went to my local tag office in Texas and they created a "Court Ordered Title for my vehicle. No muss no fuss.
  4. Tinwoodsman

    Official 2020 Georgia Military Vehicle Rally (20GMVR) information thread

    Understand that my friend. Maybe down the road?
  5. Tinwoodsman

    Official 2020 Georgia Military Vehicle Rally (20GMVR) information thread

    Gerhard, you on for another year?
  6. Tinwoodsman

    MV of the Month June 2020

  7. Tinwoodsman

    I went back and bought the truck

    Nice photos. Hope you enjoy it.
  8. Tinwoodsman

    Honoring the Proud American Gun Truck

    Fully understand PB but it would be nice if he gave an update. Shows the mark of a real loser.
  9. Tinwoodsman

    Thanks John at Midwest Military

    John is top drawer. He has helped me on parts for several builds.
  10. Tinwoodsman

    Shooting with Rapco- Tips?

    You might try Brent Mullins Jeep Parts in Texas. He has a line of spray colors and gallons. I find them apply and wear better that the Rapco product.
  11. Tinwoodsman

    Honoring the Proud American Gun Truck

    Shame that is not the guy who got Papabear's "Proud American"
  12. Tinwoodsman

    Honoring the Proud American Gun Truck

    Yeah! All the guy did was give you a handful of thank you and a pocket full of much oblige. If he had any honor he would bring it back to you.
  13. Tinwoodsman

    My First M38 Barn Find

    Sweet pick up!
  14. Tinwoodsman

    what is the shelf life of paint?

    I have some shelves that have been painted for over 50 years! :jumpin:
  15. Tinwoodsman

    New to me WC63

    I used KBS on my vehicles and it worked fine. Prior to that I used the electrolysis technique to remove any rust that had accumulated.
  16. Tinwoodsman

    Private Messages

    How do I send a PM on the new website?
  17. Tinwoodsman

    Durhamtown Lawsuit

    You beat me to it. This is the same article I read. There was another article of a second accident but no as severe.
  18. Tinwoodsman

    Durhamtown Lawsuit

    A friend of mine living near Greensboro called me today and told me about a 14.5 million dollar lawsuit against Durhamtown Plantation. It seems that two riders have been injured one lost a leg. If true this could impact future rallys, at least at Durhamtown.
  19. Tinwoodsman

    Allison M916 + Mk48 Cab = 6x6 "FEMTT"

    Wishing you clear skys ahead. We all have learned so much from your work.
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